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Only His
by Susan Mallery
(HQN, $7.99, PG-13) 978-0-373-77601-6
Susan Mallery has another hit in the final Foolís Gold book about the Hendrix triplets. Only His stars Nevada Hendrix and itís her turn to find love in an old crush that has come back into her life.

Nevada Hendrix left Foolís Gold for college in Sacramento ten years ago and her brother Ethanís old friend Tucker Janick was working there. Ethan encouraged Nevada to get together with Tucker since she didnít know anyone else in the city. Their first meeting would change her life. Tucker was mesmerizing and Nevada was instantly attracted to him. But Tucker did not feel the same way as was apparent when he introduced Nevada to Cat, a famous artist. Tucker was completely enamored by Cat and oblivious to anything else going on around him.

Fast-forward ten years and Nevada is working for the family construction business. Tucker Construction is building a huge resort and casino in Foolís Gold and they need a project manager. Nevada yearns for the challenge and applies for the job.When she goes for her interview, she is expecting to meet with Mr. Janick, Tuckerís father. But to her surprise, when she walks in, itís Tucker waiting for her. Nevada is shocked and embarrassed. Itís been so many years since she has seen him and their last meeting ending in an awkward series of events that included her naked.

Nevada canít believe this is happened and when the job is offered to her, she turns it down. Several days later and after advice from friends and family, she decides that her biggest regret will be not taking that job.

Nevadaís sisters Montana and Dakota have both found love. They are planning a double wedding and Nevada feels left out. Her love life is complicated and Tuckerís presence makes her even more confused. And the icing on the cake is the arrival of Cat to Foolís Gold. Nevada canít deny that she still has feelings for Tucker, but Cat was a drug to him ten years ago and she is afraid they are in for a repeat situation now, in her beloved home town. Only His is my favorite of this yearís trilogy. Not only because it cleans up some loose ends lingering from the first two books, but also because Nevada and Tucker are great characters. Nevada is an independent woman who is successful professionally. She hasnít found the right man in her life, but her concentration on her career has kept her satisfied. She doesnít take crap form anyone and is respected in a field that is dominated by men. Tucker thinks he has it all. He travels from project to project and soon expects to take over Tucker Construction when his Dad retires. He thinks he has everything he needs. Itís apparent from the beginning that Nevada and Tucker are perfect for each other. The journey of them realizing this is a complete joy to read.

In Only His the secondary characters are just as important as the main characters. Itís the residentsí lives in Foolís Gold that the book centers around. Susan Mallery does this in all her books and makes the Foolís Gold series more enjoyable.

Now that everything seems complete, what is Susan Mallery going to do next? Next year will bring another trilogy and I canít wait to read it. While each book can be read alone, the experience is even better if youíre fully invested in the entire series. You wonít regret picking up a copy of Only His, which I recommend to all romance novel fans.

--Nichole Howell

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