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Only Mine
by Susan Mallery
(HQN, $7.99, PG-13) 978-0-373-77588-0
Only Mine is the fourth book in the Foolís Gold series that Susan Mallery began last year. Itís the continuation of Finding Perfect and will not disappoint the fans of the series.

Finn Andersson is from South Salmon, Alaska, and owns a charter plane company that his grandfather started. His parents were killed in a plane crash 10 years ago, leaving him to raise his twin 13 year old brothers. His goal since then has been to get the kids through college and then have a life with little responsibility.

Twin brothers Stephen and Sasha have one more semester until graduation, but they are so fed up with Finnís overbearing control, that they leave for Foolís Gold, California to try out for a realty TV show called True Love or Foolís Gold. Sasha has always dreamed of becoming an actor and Stephen is along for the ride in support of his brother.

Finn travels to Foolís Gold with the goal of dragging his brothers home to finish college. He goes to the production offices and meets Dakota Hendrix. He is so upset; he goes in threatening her. Little does he know that Dakota is not with the production company. She grew up in Foolís Gold and her only involvement with the reality show is to make sure Foolís Gold is protected during the process.

Dakota points out to Finn that since his brothers are 21 years old, they can make their own decisions and the best way to try and persuade them to leave is to use calm and rationale communication. When the twins are picked for the reality show Finn decides to stick around town to make sure they donít get themselves in trouble. This means that he is around Dakota a lot and they certainly development an attraction for each other.

Dakota learned last year that her likelihood of having children is very low due to medical problems. She has always dreamed of being a mother so after hearing the news of her conception problems, she immediately started the process of adoption. She has her family and the town to support her; she doesnít need to wait for a man to come into her life to have a child.

Dakota and Finn start seeing each other, but the ground rules were clear form the beginning. Finn is only staying as long as his brothers are there and Dakota isnít expecting much from her side either. They have different goals and wants in their life Ė Finn wants less responsibility and Dakota wants more.

Susan Mallery started the Foolís Gold series last year with three stories and introduced Foolís Gold as a place where once someone arrives they donít want to leave. Foolís Gold is known for its man shortage, but the Foolís Gold series proves that there is no problem in finding love for all of the inhabitants.

Only Mine sticks with the usual theme of introducing new characters that find themselves in the little town and are drawn in by the community and by the love they find there. It makes the story predictable, but itís still an enjoyable journey. While the reader would benefit from reading the first three books,Only Mine can be read as a stand-alone.

Dakota has had a part in each book where the reader is given glimpses of her personality. She is very witty and likeable and Susan Mallery does an exceptional job developing the characters. The flow of the book is very smooth and makes for an easy read. The combination of dialogue and descriptive sections is perfect. The author gives enough description of the charactersí past and current thoughts to get the reader emotionally involved, but doesnít overdo it or repeat it throughout the story.

The secondary characters are very rich as well. Dakota is a triplet and we get to know her two sisters more in this book than in previous books. The reader is also treated to the love story of Stephen and his partner on the reality show, Aurelia. Their story is infused throughout the book and while it is definitely a background plot, I feel it only added to the readerís connection to the story. I have a feeling these two will show up again in future books.

Only Mine is an excellent story that I would recommend to everyone. Iíll definitely be on the lookout for the next two books. Iím definitely a fan.

--Nichole Howell

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