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Can This Be Christmas?
by Debbie Macomber
(Mira, $12.95, G) ISBN 1-55166-455-0
Debbie Macomber delivers a little stocking gift this holiday season in the form of a ninety-six page book packaged in hardcover for a hefty twelve dollars and ninety-five cents. Can This Be Christmas? is a tale of strangers stranded in a New Hampshire train depot on Christmas Eve with all the frustration attendant in such situations.

As her holiday offering this year, Debbie Macomber has collected a fairly predictable cast for her tale: a sailor with a diamond ring in his pocket for his girl home in Texas, a curmudgeon salesman in the role of Scrooge, a grandmother experiencing her first Christmas as a widow, a divorcée with her five-year old who is convinced Santa will never find her in this out-of-the-way spot, and a young couple with their newly adopted daughter who are trying to understand how something they had wanted so desperately could come between them on this special day.

If this book were not so expensive, I could wholeheartedly recommend we all add it to our lists for Santa. But twelve dollars can go a long way for other important things at this time of year. With that caveat, if you tend to keep such things, you could pack away Can This Be Christmas? with your holiday decorations, take it out each year and renew the warm, fuzzy feeling by reading how these folks found the true meaning of Christmas.

--Sue Klock

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