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The Rescue Pilot
by Rachel Lee
(HRS #1671, $5.25, PG) ISBN 0-373-27741-4
This is another novel about the second generation in Conard County, Wyoming so popularized by Rachel Lee. The story opens as Chase Dakota, the pilot and owner of a charter airplane, has successfully crashed landed on Thunder Mountain, near Conard County. Although not understanding totally what went wrong, Chase realizes that the unexplained fuel loss that turned his plane into a falling rock was responsible for their near death. Having just had scheduled engine maintenance, Chase reasons the mechanics made a grave error, but even knowing that is not going to help them out in the face of a huge blizzard.

Passengers on the plane include the charterers Rory Campbell and her desperately ill sister Cait, who is dying with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Rory has battled on all fronts and finally succeeded in having Cait accepted into a trial program for a new drug. The hospital is in the Midwest, a half continent away from their starting point.

Rory employed Chase to make the flight and Wendy and Billy Yuma were aboard as well, getting a ride home since Conard County was a good place for a fuel stop. Fans will remember them from  an earlier story, and recall that Wendy is a nurse and Yuma a pilot.

With enough of the plane still intact for them to stay inside safely, they settle down to wait the storm out. The consuming issue is Cait’s congestive problem due to dryness, altitude etc. , and Wendy plays her role here. Rory, although starting out on a shaky note with Chase, comes to appreciate his efforts.

Rory is a geologist and head of her exploration company and has battled the glass ceiling since she started. Her latest crisis in the field occurred when the men were slow to realize that her prediction of a gas pocket that they ignored would cause grave danger. The author’s careful research is obvious in the description of this accident.  So Rory’s defensive nature about being the woman in charge is consistent with her life experience.

Chase on the other hand is pretty casual and accepting of the fact that women run from him: but he acknowledges he is usually chasing the wrong ones in the first place. These are the only issues addressed in the story, and although much time is spent helping Cait, the story is told through two perspectives only…Chase and Rory.

The love affair blossoms, and the story continues with no surprises or excitement.

--Thea Davis

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