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A Soldier's Redemption
by Rachel Lee
(SRS #1635, $4.99, PG) ISBN 978-0-373-27705-6
Rachel Lee continues the second generation of her Conard County Wyoming Saga featuring the events that circle around Cory Farland, who has lived there little more than a year.

In fact Cory Farland is not her real name, as she has been placed there by the U.S. Marshal's Witness Protection Program by reason of events which had changed her life more than a year prior. At that time she was happily married and her husband was an assistant district attorney who had been prosecuting a drug gang. Taking no chances with the judicial system, the gang entered their home one night, shot and killed him, and shot and injured her. Not the least of Cory's injuries was the loss of the child she had only recently learned she was carrying.

The shooter was never caught, so Cory traveled from her home and life as a teacher to become a grocery store clerk, driving an older model Suburban, to live in Conard County, where she had been reluctant to make even the most casual of friends. Her trips to the lending library had introduced her to Emma and thus Gage Dalton, the sheriff since Nate Tate had retired.

One evening Gage is at her door; knowing her finances are tight he has a proposition. A friend of his friend, Seth Hardin, has recently retired from the Navy. Wade Kendrick had come to Conard County at the urging of Seth Hardin and was looking for a place to "decompress" from the life he lived as a Navy Seal. Not wanting to live in a motel or to rent an apartment Wade is merely looking for a room to rent. Cory agrees to Gage's proposition, Wade likes the room and the arrangement and he moves in.

Shortly thereafter, Cory receives a telephone call where the speaker merely says, "I know where you are.

This naturally terrorizes her and she contacts Gage who wants to dismiss this as a prank call...but, none the less, urges caution. Wade soon figures out what is going on, aided in part by the very elaborate alarm system installed in the house that is far too expensive for the value of the home.

Soon Cory is able to figure out that, regardless of Wade's age and experience, he is still the victim of child abuse and still has trust issues which accompany that background. Remarkably well done is the explanation of the angst Cory feels from the loneliness and abandonment created by the Witness Protection Program itself.

Very little happens in this novel except for the inevitable waiting for the worst to happen, except the story is filled with Wade and Cory's mounting attraction to each other leading to its inevitable result amidst the angst of their weighty emotional issues.

This makes character development the most important part of the book, with dialogue that is natural for the gravity of their problems, making A Soldier's Redemption more an emotional read than an action packed one.

--Thea Davis

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