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The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae
by Stephanie Laurens
(Avon, $7.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-006-206862-0
First, let’s get out of the way that this is Stephanie Laurens. Her love scenes are many and are long. They tend to be verbose with lots of over the top descriptions of the rapture that the two participants endure. For those of us who tend to like her stories we either enjoy these long dissertations or we skim them. Either way, we don’t allow them to ruin the tale.

Having said that, this third in the Cynster sister trilogy is both the best and worst of the three; possibly because we get to meet and understand the mysterious laird behind all the kidnappings and, secondly, because we get to meet the most outgoing of the sisters, who often reminds one of her male cousins for brass. It is perhaps the most unbelievable if you are a true historian of the times. Cynster or no, this girl just doesn’t act like any society deb was supposed to act and yet, she was charming to all in the ton.

Angelica Cynster now wears the jewel from the Lady of the Vale which is supposed to help her identify her soul mate. She sees Lord Debenham across the room and is certain he is the one. What she doesn’t know is that he is also the laird from Scotland behind the kidnapping of her sisters and despite the hints in the last book, he is not dead. She therefore walks out to the garden with him, giving him the perfect opportunity to steal her away with no one knowing it. And then she agrees to help him. After all, she is going to marry him…

If one can buy the plot line, then the tale is fun. These two dance around and learn all about each other, liking what they see, find and discover. This leads of course, to love. Now they just have to stay out of the way of the Cynster men, who are hunting for them and get to the Highlands so the Earl/Laird can claim the goblet which set him on this journey. The Earl’s mother, who is behind the theft of the goblet, is a bit of a caricature and her lover who also wants the cup is seemed an unnecessary plot line; however, he was very necessary for the climatic ending.

I liked Angelica – she was honest, brassy, and not afraid to go after what she wanted. She was also however, unlike a traditional society miss. Her brash demeanor and often sensual self came out at times when it just didn’t feel right. However, the laird more than made up for it. Dominic is a great hero, at times brooding but mainly compelled to do what is right for his clan. The fact that he falls in love and starts acting just like a Cynster male – protective, caring and loving just adds to his appeal.

So for fans of the Cynsters and Stephanie Laurens, this tale is just one of the many…not overly distinguished but not anything that shames the series. For those looking for more, The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae may be too much of a mixed bag for total enjoyment.

--Shirley Lyons

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