Weekends Required: a Danvers novel
by Sydney Landon
(Signet, $7.99, R) ISBN 978-0-451-41961-3
She may be a mousy assistant by day, but Claire hops out of cakes at bachelor parties by night. She slips on her alter-ego to help pay her ailing mother's medical bills. Everything is on the down-low at Danvers International - until the cake from whence she springs is the one delivered to the party of a friend of her boss, Jason Danvers.

Exhibiting your typical alpha-male symptoms, Jason had barely noticed that Claire was alive except to ask for reports or coffee until he saw her in her underwear. His interest leaves our blah little Claire all flustered and naughty - he calls her a stripper and the offense gets him a dry hump. She then proceeds to get drunk, and Jason proceeds to take her life over.

Apparently more than happy to have someone else running the show, Claire gets more spineless by the page, and is now forced to work weekends since her new lover a) doesn't want an almost-stripper working for his company and b) doesn't want his new girlfriend mostly naked in front of drunk men.

Though the premise is funky and fun, Weekends Required falls flat in every other way. What starts off as somewhat quirky quickly degrades into a sham of a Fifty Shades clone peppered with bad dialogue and populated with unlikeable characters.

--Sarrah Knight

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