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The Money Man’s Seduction
by Leslie LaFoy
(Silh. Desire # 1898, $4.75, PG-13)  ISBN 0373-76898-2
The Money Man’s Seduction is an energetic, fun romance and is really unusual in its simplicity for the category romances I have read of late. It is just two people who meet, connect and have a romance that leads to love. It is not perfect but it is one to enjoy.

Emily Raines loves her work and loves living in a small town outside Kansas City. She has worked all over the country in her passion for restoring stained glass windows. But after coming into some money, she decides to invest in a fine arts center for the senior citizens. She was raised with her grandmother’s influence and is determined that the local seniors will have activities to keep them intellectually challenged as they age.

Cole Preston has come to see his grandmother, Ida Bentley, when he gets wind that she is about ready to hand out a lot of money to a fledging artist. Cole is concerned that this is another scheme and his grandmother has succumbed to a scam. Cole thinks it is time for Ida to go into a nursing home or senior home, partly to protect her from the con artists in the world.

Ida is playing matchmaker in reality. She thinks Cole needs some love in his life because he spends all of his time investing and rushing off for business deals. She thinks Emily would be perfect for him and decides to taunt him with her giving her money away, knowing that he will come running.

Emily is at first insulted and then amused. Cole is distrusting and then intrigued. After spending some time in town, he sees that Emily is really trying to do a neat thing, and has no intention of taking Ida’s money. Emily realizes that Cole truly cares about his Grams but needs help in understanding why pushing her into a retirement community is not the best thing.

These two spark from the beginning. Their fight at the beginning leads to learning to like each other, and ultimately to love. In the middle is some sizzling action between the sheets. There are one or two scenes that built the sexual tension and are the best I have read in a long time in any type of genre. They are fun, enticing and hot. I will not ever look at an elevator again in the same way and I wonder how they made it through dinner without creating a major scandal. I loved their senses of humor and their relationship was built on trust early on. They actually talked and supported each other. Their coming together felt very natural and was reminiscent of strong bonds often only seen in a longer novel, not in the category genre. 

There are a few things that don’t work. This is part of a series called  “Gifts from a Billionaire,” Other than a brief prologue where we learn that the mysterious donor is giving Emily money, there are no other clues or mentions. That seemed odd as it didn’t even build up the next story in the series. Another disconnect was the rather abrupt ending. While I liked it because these two do belong together, it felt rather rushed.

Pick up The Money Man’s Seduction and be prepared to be as entertained as I was.   

--Shirley Lyons

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