Playing With Fire

Fully Involved
by Amy Knupp
(Harlequin Super #1658, $5.50, PG-13) ISBN 978-0-373-71658-6
Fully Involved is part of the Texas Firefighters series. It’s a true romance with enough complications to keep it interesting.

Andie Tyler is a woman with a past. She grew up with an alcoholic and abusive father. Trevor was her first love and that relationship turned scary and violent, for which Trevor is currently in prison. Andie now lives free with no home and no involvement. She travels from place to place on her Harley and likes being a loner. It means she can’t get hurt again.

Clay Marlow, a firefighter in San Amaro Island, lives with his daughter. He’s fighting to obtain legal custody of his daughter from an ex-girlfriend who has a history of drug abuse. He runs into Andie, literally, when he crashes his truck into her motorcycle. After the mishap, he helps Andie by finding a repair shop for her bike and giving her a discount on the apartment for rent below his house.

Andie and Clay are now thrown together for a month, waiting for her bike to be repaired and for the wedding of a mutual friend. Sparks begin to fly between the two, but they are both hesitant. Andie has a past criminal record and Clay doesn’t want an association with her to mess up his custody battles. Andie has just learned that Trevor is out of prison and looking for her. The reminder of him and the potential for him to find her reinforces her distrust in relationships.

While overall the book is enjoyable, Fully Involved is part of the Texas Firefighters series, yet there is barely a mention of firefighting in the book. The two potential climaxes of the plot – Trevor’s release from prison and Clay’s custody hearing – are disappointing. Both plot lines develop nicely throughout the book, but resolution of these story lines is inadequate and left me wanting more.

The developing love story between Andie and Clay is what lead me to give the book 4 hearts. The love story is believable and the characters and dialogue are easy to relate to. I was able to get involved in the story line, which is what I really enjoy with reading.

Fully Involved is a nice, easy well-paced read with likable characters.

--Nichole Howell

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