One Night Scandal
by Christie Kelley
(Kensington, $6.99, R) 978-1-4201-0878-1
One Night Scandal is a heartwarming romance that is borderline entry into the erotica genre. Itís an attention-grabbing story that is entertaining, but is not without a few flaws.

Sophie Reynard is a young adult who comes from a scandalous background. Her father, an earl, wonít claim her because she is the product of a former mistress. Sophie has three half siblings and while they care for each other, they have to keep their link a secret or else the whole family will be ruined in society.

However, Sophie is well known among the ton. She has a talent for being able to see into peopleís future. Her specialty is being able to see who a personís true love is. While the priority of society is to marry for status and not for love, there are some members who cannot deny their need for love and rely on Sophie to assist them.

Sophie is traveling in Venice and starts thinking about her future and wondering what is in store for her with regard to love. While daydreaming, she gets knocked over near the canal and falls in. Luckily, Nicholas Ancroft is traveling in a gondola nearby rushes to her aid and pulls her to safety. Since she is soaking wet and dazed, he takes her back to his townhouse for a warm bath and dry clothes.

As Sophie is starting to feel better, she looks to her savior and wonders if he is the one. Her vision tells her he is which must explain the intense attraction she is feeling for him. Since itís destiny, she has no problems partaking in what her body wants and Nicholas and Sophie spend the night together.

Sophie leaves during the night, and while starting to write a letter she notices other letters on his desk and canít help but take a peak. This man introduced himself as Nico, but she knew he was lying. She now discovers that Nico is actually Nicholas Ancroft, a marquess and future Duke. She also realizes that he is a cousin to one of her best friends and a childhood buddy with another friendís brother. Sophie decides to leave without leaving a note. She doesnít want to cause problems for Nicholasí family and her own by the scandal she would surely cause and hopes she will never cross paths with Nicholas when back in London.

Nicholas returns to London and he canít stop thinking about the woman he met in Venice and the night they spent together. He is sure she lied about her name, so he has no clues to help him find her. His friends and family encourage him to go see Ms. Reynard to find his match and maybe even find the woman he met in Venice. Little does he know they are the same person.

One Night Scandal is an intriguing story. I definitely had a hard time putting the book down. The relationship between the hero and heroine has its ups and downs and while the ending is evident, the journey to get there is not.

The relationship between Nicholas and Sophie is very strong, emotionally and physically. The development of that relationship could have been better. If a few places the story skips ahead and references time spent together and the growing of their relationship, but the story doesnít allow the reader to experience those moments. A few of the curveballs in the story line could have been skipped to provide room for more detail in the development of Nicholas and Sophieís relationship.

One Night Scandal is part of a series and this book is number five. There are several secondary characters in this story that are close friends of Sophieís. They are a big part of the story and help Sophie and Nicholas through their ups and downs. Even though One Night Scandal can be read as a stand-alone book, I think it would be even more enjoyable had I read the previous four books of the series.

If you enjoy romance with an extra kick of intimacy, then youíll like One Night Scandal.

--Nichole Howell

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