Call Me Wild
by Robin Kaye
(Sourcebooks, $7.99, PG) 978-0-06-202173-1
Jessica James, known as Jessie, has just learned that she is being fired from her dream job as a sports columnist in a big newspaper. She's at a loss on what to do, but her best friend Andrew helps her out by letting her stay in a house he isn't using in Idaho. Jessie is hoping to spend a few months in Idaho just until she can get back on her feet. Right now, she hopes to make some fast cash by writing a simple little romance novel.

Fisher Kincaid is a local orthopedist who has woman constantly going after him. For some reason he's not too interested in them, until he spots Jessie. The difference though, is Jessie shows no interest in return. Fisher is determined to cheer Jessie up and compel her to notice him.

Fisher and Jessie find themselves alone in the Kincaid family lake cabin after Fisher's sister sets up a plot to get them each there. They are stuck there for a few days together, which is just what it takes to get to know each other better and gives Jessie the opportunity to write her romance novel. Little does she know, that she is becoming her own romance novel.

Robin Kaye brings readers a fresh and new romance that uses an interesting plot. Jessie ends up writing a romance novel that becomes the book you are reading. Jessie is a deeper character than Fisher, which makes her more interesting. Fisher is the perfect guy, but a bit too perfect. He's a doctor who's in great shape, eats well, can cook gourmet meals, fixes cars, and gives great massages. Doesn't get any better than that, but nothing close to be being real.

Call Me Wild is book two in a series and while it can be read alone, there are secondary characters that were likely better introduced in the first book. These characters would probably add more to this story if you've read the first book. The book isn't perfect, but it's a good one if you're looking for something to read on a quiet weekend.

--Nichole Howell

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