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Heat of the Night by Donna Kauffman
(Harl. Tempt. #846, $3.99, PG 13) ISBN 0-373-35946-8
When a city councilman is found dead of an apparent heart attack and left in a seedy hotel dressed in a pink tutu, it would take a master at press relations to get the mayor out of trouble. It also takes a police detective to investigate for possible homicide.

Erin Mahoney is a spin meistress. And Brady O'Keefe, the detective, knows her as his long-ago schoolgirl Nemesis. She made his life miserable then and itís obvious she intends to make his life miserable today.

Not only is Erin beautiful, smart and very in control, she is insisting that the mayor and police commissioner have given her complete authority to have access to Brady's investigation. Brady knows that's no way to do police work. The sparks between them shoot up in all directions immediately.

Brady has no time for a relationship. He doesn't even think a cop could have a successful relationship - especially when he's spending long hours on such a high-profile case. Erin has been spending long hours getting her firm up and running. She doesn't have the time to put in to anything personal either.

The problem is that neither of them can forget about the other. Then Erin does have an idea: why can't they just have some sex and then get it out of their system?

Of course the investigation gets sticky. Of course the relationship gets sticky. Erin and Brady are well-matched pair - smart, smart-mouthed, independent. Erin finds herself staying awake, waiting to hear when Brady will drag himself back from work. And Brady finds himself calling whenever heís done, even when he says he wonít, so he can limp back to Erin to feel better. Both of them find their work gets complicated by the other person. And both of them reluctantly discover they might enjoy having something more than work and great sex. Unfortunately for the two of them, though it adds the storyís excitement, Bradyís investigation leads to a great deal of danger.

The premise may be just a little too cute to be real - it seems difficult to believe a mayor would actually have a PR person so close to the police. If he fears bad press, what kind of publicity would he get if that story leaked? But the reader will soon be able to leave that quibble aside because the rest of the story is enthralling.

Heat of the Night is fast-paced, sexy and funny with a hero and heroine who are more than ready to pit themselves against what life throws at them, including each other. Since they make worthy adversaries they make even better allies and, of course, excellent lovers. This is a team that you enjoy whether they fight or make love.

--Irene Williams

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