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Wish Upon A Cowboy
by Kathleen Kane
(St. Martinís, $5.99, PG) ISBN 0-312-97290-3
Let me start off by saying I do like Western romances. However, Iíve never been really crazy about romances about what fun it is to be a witch. Nora Roberts canít make me like it and if she canít, who could? So, when I realized that I was reading a romance about a warlock and witch out in the old West, I groaned. Loudly. But by the end, even if I couldnít totally suspend disbelief, I was willing to admit it was a fun story.

Hannah Lowell, last of a long line of witches, is sent on a mission to get the powerful warlock, Jonas Mackenzie, to come back to his ancestorsí hometown and save the witches in it from a powerful bully of a warlock, Blake Wolcott. She finds Jonas at his ranch in Wyoming and announces she is there to marry him. For some reason he isnít impressed. It is probably fortunate that she waits a few chapters to explain she is a witch just the way he is a warlock. Jonas finds that even harder to believe than her first announcement. It seems no one has ever told him about his powers.

If there has to be a warlock in the story, Jonas is a pretty good one. For one thing, he certainly doesnít depend on his magic powers since he doesnít believe he has any. For another, he reacts pretty much the way you would expect someone to react if that someone was told he was a powerful warlock. How he learns to believe and accept his powers, just as he learns to believe and accept Hannahís love, makes for a good story. The explanation of why he doesnít know and how he learns to use his power is told in as convincing a way as could be.

Hannah is a fun character as well. Although she believes she has descended from a long line of witches, she realizes she is no good at witchcraft. None of her spells ever seem to work, even though she does her best. She also has a lot of good reasons to want to marry Jonas -- and it doesnít hurt that he is very attractive -- since Blake Wolcott is after her.

Apparently her marriage to a warlock would enhance that warlockís powers and Wolcott wants as much power as he can get. Because she is so bad at magic, Hannah canít depend on her magical powers to help things along, even though she does her best. As she starts to fall in love with him, she can only hope that Jonas will come to his warlock senses in time to save the day.

The long-awaited battle between Jonas and Wolcott makes sense and works for the story. Jonas has to depend on his newly found abilities and his love to win though. You root for him all the way, especially when he realizes that love is much more powerful than witchcraft. If you can accept the basic premise of the story, the story makes perfect sense and youíll have a lot of fun while you read. And, I have to admit, by the end I almost believed.

--Irene D. Williams

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