Romantic Stats

  • According to research by the bookstore chain Barnes and Noble, romance customers can typically spend up to $100 per month for books and will read as many as 40 books per month.
  • More than 90 percent of all mass market book sales are popular fiction.
  • Romance accounts for 48.6 percent of the mass market (paperback) book sales in the United States, with sales topping $885 million in 1992.
  • Authors rarely get rich writing books -- they receive only a small percentage of the cover price of a book -- usually 4 to 6 percent percent, according to Texas author LaRee Bryant.
  • The average romance reader is 39 years old and works outside the home. (Forbes Magazine)
  • The average annual household income for a romance reader is $40,000.
  • 45 percent of romance readers are college educated.
  • Women who read romance novels make love with their partners 74 percent more often than women who don't. (Psychology Today)

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