Not Just Friends
by Kate Hoffmann
(Harlequin Blaze, $5.25, R) 978-0-373-79685-4
Julia McKee spent her summers at Camp Winnehawkee all growing up. She loved her time there and had a huge crush on Adam Sutherland, who never gave her the time of day. It's now ten years later, the place has been vacant for several years, and Julia's long time friends, Mason and Kate, decide to buy the place and spruce it up. The old crew of friends is headed up to Winnehawkee for a week to chip in and reminisce about the old days.

Julia is excited to see her old friends, but when Adam startles her awake in the middle of her first night; she's more than a little shaken. She thought she was over her crush, but one look at Adam and it all comes rushing back. Julia recovers well, but before the night is over Adam kisses her like she's never been kissed before and Julia thinks she just might be having a dream.

Adam remembers Julia from his summers at Winnehawkee and she always intrigued him. Getting attention from girls was a piece of cake and still is, but Julia was always a puzzle to him. She wouldn't give him the time of day and he thought she despised him. Seeing Julia again brings back the fascination and he can't help touch and kiss her. He's waited a long time for that and for some reason, he doesn't want this week to be a fling even though Julia has made a clear she isn't expecting anything long term.

Not Just Friends is part of the Harlequin Blaze series and it's just that - blazing hot. It's a short and easy read with lots and lots of sex, but enough plot to make it a story. Julia's character is developed really well. The reader gets a good picture of her past and her long time feelings for Adam. Adam's character isn't as believable. The reader learns about his background, but his feelings for Julia seem out of place for the type of person he was as a teenager. He is not depicted as a shy person and with girls falling all over him during those teenage years, I would expect that he would have gone after Julia if he really wanted her.

If you are looking for a quick read with a lot of spice in the story, Not Just Friends will fit the bill.

--Nichole Howell

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