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What the Millionaire Wants
by Metsy Hingle
(Silh. Desire # 1846, $4.75, PG-13) ISBN 0373-76846-X
What is a woman to do when she discovers that her mother has gambled by putting their hotel up as collateral against a loan she cannot repay? What is she to do when she discovers this when a man shows up telling her he has taken over the company and she is now his employee? What is she to do when she is amazingly attracted to this man, despite the fact that she hates him for what he is doing?

This is the premise of What the Millionaire Wants. Laura Spencer has always dreamed of running the family hotel in New Orleans. Her mother, on the other hand, has been much more worried about marrying well and investing with her new husband. She never understood Laura's need and passion about this hotel.

Jackson Hawke is the CEO of Hawke Industries, a company that buys and remakes companies that are struggling. The Contessa Hotel fits the bill and he got it easily enough just by buying up the fifteen million dollar note from the bank after the payee defaulted on the payment. Jackson is out to make money and prove to the world that he can make money. There are things in his past that have made him what he is today. He is attracted to Laura and even considers getting her in his bed. They make a bargain that she will end up there after 30 days if she can’t find the financing to pay off the loan. The bargain is made even sweeter when Jackson finds out that Laura has been dating his nemesis and arch enemy (and stepbrother) for over a year. He figures he will get Laura and revenge at the same time.

But one doesn't always get what they want. Laura is determined to find a way to get the money and she doesn’t make things easy on Jack. She is also in the midst of breaking it off with Matt because they definitely want different things out of life. Of course, she would be angry if she thought that part of her attraction was that relationship. She is, of course, starting to fall for Jack, despite her better judgment.

This story is entertaining, but doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny. There are plenty of coincidences and familiar plot devices that seem to be forced at best, and expected at worse. The big misunderstanding could be seen coming from miles away.

The characters are fun and easy to get to know, even though they aren’t developed in depth. The romance and action between the sheets is engaging and keeps the story from dragging.

What the Millionaire Wants is a formulaic category romance that readily entertains the reader.

--Shirley Lyons

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