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Interlude by Donna Hill
(Genesis Press, $8.95, PG) ISBN 1-885478-58-5
Donna Hill's Interlude is a tale of greed, love and jealousy in "The Big Easy."

As head of Exclusively Yours, a personal shopping service that caters to the New Orleans elite, Michelene Tyner is one of the most powerful women in New Orleans. She had enviable access to political and social circles and secrets.

New York native Chase Alexander has recently relocated from New Orleans to become a senior partner in a prestigious law firm. Their paths cross when Michelene takes on Chase as a client. She helps ease the transition by helping him furnish his home and office.

The two are immediately attracted to each other. Both are mercenaries who are extremely good at what they do. They sell their services to a select clientele who pay them extremely well. Their relationship is thrown into turmoil when Michelene's best friend is killed and Chase is called on to defend the accused murderer. Chase and Michelene are forced to reexamine their values as love and loyalty are tested.

Donna Hill has crafted a novel of romance and intrigue. The main characters are very well defined. Michelene is a flirtatious bayou vamp who knows how to be a steel magnolia. As one character states, Michelene seems to have it all.

"...A great business, you're beautiful, everyone loves you and you have the ability to twist people around on your little finger. You have men dropping at your feet. You exude confidence, Michelene." Chase is a take-charge kind of guy who knows where he's going and what he wants.

The secondary characters in this murder mystery play well off the main characters without getting in the way. Donna Hill weaves a tale that uncovers lies, deception and an increasing number of suspects.

Interlude is a story of race, class, power and betrayal that will keep hold your attention.

--Gwendolyn Osborne

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