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My One and Only
by Kristan Higgins
(Harlequin, $7.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-0-373-77557-6
Before the story starts, Kristan Higgins writes a letter to the reader, which outlines the type of story she is going for; an emotionally charged book with a not so typical heroine. My One and Only is a great story that meets the expectations the author was after.

Harper James is a very successful divorce attorney in Martha's Vineyard. A victim of divorce herself, her life's work is helping people get through the hard times and realizing when the relationship is done. She calls it the euthanization of a dying relationship. Her famous saying is "sometimes our hearts just need time to accept what our head already knows." She has become cynical over the years and believes that love alone can't get a relationship through the hard times.

Nick Lowery is a very successful architect in New York City. He knew the moment he saw Harper, so many years ago, that she would be his wife. He instantly fell in love with her and had everything planned out. They married young, but an unfortunate event and huge misunderstanding, led to a divorce just six months later.

Harper finds herself at her stepsister’s wedding in the middle of nowhere Montana, trying everything she can to talk some sense into Willa. This is Willa’s third marriage and as is typical, she only met the man a few weeks prior; the man who just happens to be Nick's brother. Harper hasn't seen her ex-husband since the divorce, but electricity flies every time they are close. To complicate matters, Harper's boyfriend is in tow. The boyfriend she proposed to before leaving for Montana and who has yet to accept.

Harper and Nick try to talk to each and get some answers to looming questions they both have about their failed relationship, but their conversations only lead to arguing and bringing back old feelings of hurt. It's a relief when the weekend is over and Harper can go back home, to her normal life, now without the boyfriend. Shortly after checking out of the hotel, Harper discovers the local airport has been shut down and her only way home any time soon is to drive to the nearest large city many hours away. But with no rental cars available, and the hotel now full, Harper has nowhere to go. Luckily, Nick has a car he plans on driving home to New York City and he has so graciously offered to give Harper a ride to the nearest airport. They are now forced to spend several hours alone together with no escape.

My One and Only is an emotional book that will make you both laugh and cry. There is very little physical romance in this story, but there are plenty of expressive and heartfelt dynamics that will enthrall readers with the tale of these two long lost lovers. The characters are incredibly real and since the book is written from Harper’s point of view, the reader gets a vast understanding of her past, which makes her current mind-set that much more remarkable.

The secondary characters are amazing. For a story written in first person, the author has done an remarkable job with the character development of Harper’s mother, father, stepmother, and stepsister. They all play a vital part in where Harper has been, her current views of the world, and how she has translated her past into her current cynical self. They all also help her through a self realization that puts her past in perspective and allows her to let go, move on, and have a healthier relationships with her family and discover the love that was never lost with Nick.

While the book is very serious, there are also many comedic parts that help keep the reader engaged and not too weepy. The situations that Harper gets herself into are predictable, but still enjoyable to read. There were definitely some “oh no, don’t do that!” moments.

I have read several of Kristan Higgins’ books and I have enjoyed them all. My One and Only is definitely a deeper story and reminds me of the style of Nicholas Sparks. I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a touching book with a very satisfying ending.

--Nichole Howell

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