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Readers Helping Readers Historical Questions Last Two Month’s Answers


Readers, if you have a question you’d like to submit, please read our FAQ on finding a missing book title. Be sure to look at our current Contemporary Questions and our Historical Questions to see if you know an answer. Then let us know and we’ll post it.

November # H 1

I am looking for the name of two books I read recently (in the last year or so). I believe they are set in Regency period England. In the first book, a woman jilts her (nice) fiancé and goes on a boat to get away from England and her responsibilities. While on the boat she meets a man and they get together but it turns out he is some sort of rogue pirate who takes the boat to an island where he was once held prisoner as a child and seeks revenge from his former ‘master’. All ends well though and they marry. The next book’s hero is the jilted fiancé from the first in the series. In England, he meets a foreign woman at a ball and is instantly attracted to her. He then finds out she is the sister of the man who married his ex-fiancé. She is foreign (from somewhere ‘exotic’ I can’t remember where) and they become engaged. She is keeping a secret- she believes herself to have inherited insanity from her Mother, which is proved untrue in the end and her and her fiancé/husband fall in love. I think there is a third book in the series based on the last sibling- a mixed race brother who also lives in England.

SOLVED! This sounds like two books by Tessa Dare – SURRENDER OF A SIREN and A LADY OF PERSUASION. They are part of a trilogy that started with Dare’s debut book, GODDESS OF THE HUNT..

November # H 2

Looking for a highlander romance book about laird’s younger brother that gets kidnapped at some sorta celebration and there is a young lady where he is taken and she rescues him and helps him get home.

SOLVED! Try RANSOM by Julie Garwood.

November # H 3

I am looking for a historical romance book that is set either during the French Revolution or right after it. I remember that the heroine is part of the French aristocracy and she ends up having a one night stand with a British soldier. The heroine ends up getting pregnant and her father sends her away to a convent to have the baby and she never has a chance to tell her lover that she is pregnant or even what happens to her. She ends up giving birth to a baby girl but her daughter gets taken away from her. Years later the heroine ends up in Britain working for a living as a governess because she has lost all of her fortune due to the Revolution. The hero ends up running into her and possibly hires her to be the governess to their daughter who he has been raising on his own. Either way she ends up somehow living in the same house as her former lover and her daughter who has no idea who she is. The hero hates the heroine because he believes that she abandoned their daughter who he named Emma. The daughter between the ages of 3-6 years old I believe.
I remember the hero ends up being extremely wealthy because of a shipping empire that he has built up ( I am not sure if he is part of the nobility or not). I read the book years ago probably around 2003-2009?

SOLVED! Well, maybe. A reader thinks this sounds a lot like SO IN LOVE by Karen Ranney, though the daughter was Margaret and she was a bit older.

November # H 4

I read a book but lost it before I finished it. It is about a girl who is a governess for a couple. Either an earl or duke however it is not a great relationship. The wife has a boyfriend I believe in France and wants a divorce. The duke or earl is falling in live with the governess.

SOLVED! This might be THE SECRET PEARL by Mary Balogh.

November # H 5

Starts in “modern” times. A red headed girl is shopping somewhere (An open market type place. Might be over seas in the Arab world somewhere, although the girl is American) She is given something by a man with unusual colored eyes for that area. They are either blue or grey. The transports her back in time to sometime shortly before or after the American Revolution. She ends up in a harem but tells her new “husband” that she is recently widowed so he gives her a year to mourn. During that time she has a eunuch slave who ends up falling in love with her. I think he has the same unusual eyes as the guy that gave her the item. At some point she is rescued from the harem by an American. While traveling back to America with him she is transported back to the time she came from. She is very sad and a short time passes (3 days? maybe weeks or months) and she goes to his house, which is now a historical site (might have been in Boston?) While there she sees a picture of him and is transported back to the past and ends up in his house in his time. A longer time has passed for him (3 years maybe?) but he hasn’t forgotten her and they end up with a happily ever after.

SOLVED! A reader thinks this might be CAPTIVE by Brenda Joyce.

November # H 6

The story is set in the old west, emigrants heading begins with a girl running for her life. She is pregnant by her cruel step father and about to give birth, she has the baby but it is born dead. She meets up with this wagon train and they take her in, some how she has to get married to stay with these people and she is married to a widowed outlaw with a new born baby to care for. He swears he will not love the pretty woman but he does and fights anyone who may try to take him away from her.
He is an outlaw that changed his name and running from his past, his wife was from a family of old money but she died in childbirth. Her father is after him as well a lawman.
At the end of the book the girl is shot and the outlaw begs the lawman for help for her and asks if he can save her he will turn himself in, but after the heartfelt plea the lawman let’s him go..

What I remember is the book cover… dark green. I thought it might have been written by Sandra Brown but I can’t find t under her name.

SOLVED! This is SUNSET EMBRACE by Sandra Brown. The sequel is ANOTHER DAWN.

November # H 7

I read this book a couple years ago, it’s a historical romance. I can’t remember any of the characters’ names, but it starts out with a girl sitting at a tavern where her older sister works, and a rich man she’s been in love with for years walks in. She leaves with him and ends up losing her virginity to him on the side of the road. Months later her father drags her beaten and pregnant into that same mans wedding rehearsal and demands he marries her. He does, but immediately leaves. His family cleans her up and teaches her how to “be a lady” and then i think she loses the baby while he is off traveling. After he comes back they leave the state to get divorced, with his former fiancee, claiming his wife to be his cousin. Towards the end he realizes he doesn’t really want a divorce and stays with his wife.

SOLVED! This sounds like RIVER LADY by Jude Deveraux.

November # H 8

This is a historical romance, where a heroine is a lady who can’t read and the hero has a negative reputation in England society. There was a part where they were both asked to sing together but the heroine refused since she hasn’t memorized the song and therefore can’t sing it since she can’t read the lyrics. She rather sings a song she is familiar with but it happens to be a solo song which offends the hero.

SOLVED! Try TO PLEASURE A PRINCE by Sabrina Jeffries.

November # H 11

The book is a medieval romance. The heroine has small pox and the hero was somehow compelled to marry her. He assumed she was ugly or badly scarred. A few years later when she was older, he returned to her estate and seeing a beautiful maiden, he assumed she was a servant not realizing she was his bride. She had looked ugly at their wedding due to the small pox.

SOLVED! Try WHEN LOVE AWAITS by Johanna Lindsey.

November # H 12

Sorry to say, I can’t remember the characters names. But I know its a historical romance where a man buys off a girl from a ship to save as a nanny. And the man wife is dead. The girl ran away from home, so as not to marry someone (and she comes from a wealthy family) but the ship she entered took her and sold her to a man that needs a nanny for his child. There is a mystery surrounding his wife’s death. He falls in love with the girl and she gets pregnant and then suddenly the girls parents show up. The person who killed his first wife also tries to kill her but she is saved by the man.

SOLVED! This sounds like PETALS ON THE RIVER by Kathleen Woodiwiss.


November # H 13

I can’t remember the name or author of this book, it starts out with the hero finding the heroine on the street, possibly and nursing her back to health or maybe vice verse, it’s not Hannah Howell’s Wherlocke series, similar, but not the same. I think. It’s part of a series about siblings.
I think the heroine was stabbed, the hero is kind of reclusive, I want to say, or maybe he’s just not seen as a nice guy?

SOLVED! Try A LOVING SCOUNDREL by Johanna Lindsey.

November # H 14

I have been searching for about a week now with no luck. It is either 3 books or maybe a book with 3 stories in it.

The 1st is about a young woman breaks into a man’s house to steal back a mirror and get caught. The mirror shows the future and it happens but not in the way you think. Also some back story about gypsies.

The 2nd is about a man who comes home after his father’s death. (I think he had moved to Australia) He left because he saw his dad marring his girlfriend. After he left the dad did marry the woman as a business arrangement not romantically. Also the man’s business partner comes to his huge house might have been some kind of farm and tries to burn it down.

I don’t remember the 3rd one but once again it had to do with the mirror.

SOLVED! Well, maybe. A reader says this is similar to a contemporary series by Robyn Donald. The books are THE MIRROR BRIDE, MEANT TO MARRY, and THE FINAL PROPOSAL.

October # H 1

I only remember the beginning of the story where the heroine is sitting on a wall, outside a castle, waiting and watching the soldiers for a glimpse of the hero, the man she is to marry. I remember she sprinkles chicken blood on the sheets after the wedding night. I remember some humor about this due to her husband and maybe someone else also sprinkling chicken blood on the sheets, making an alarming amount of blood. She and/or her mother/aunt is a knowledgeable herbalist. Knowledge she uses to drug the men she discovers are plotting to kill her husband.
Sorry, I do not remember anyone’s name. I read this historical romance over 10 years ago. I wondered if it might be an older book by Julie Garwood, or maybe Johanna Lindsey, or Jude Deveraux. I used to really enjoy these authors.

SOLVED! This is DESIRE by Amanda Quick.

October # H 2

I am looking for a romance novel that was most likely published in 2006. I read an excerpt for it at that time and I originally thought it was Scandal of Black Rose as I read an excerpt for that book around the same time, but unfortunately it was not the book I was looking for.
The excerpt began in a ballroom. The crowd grew quiet as the scandalous Duke ( I don’t remember his name or title, other than he was a duke) entered the ballroom. He was scandalous due to the fact that it was rumored he only became the Duke after he shot his brother in a duel.
The heroine (I want to say her name was Elizabeth, but that may not be right) was not afraid of him, she was intrigued by him and seemed to be aquainted with him from before he was the scandalous Duke.
I believe the novel was set in the 1800’s, not sure which era genre that would be under, but it all involved the ton, ballrooms, dancing, etc.

SOLVED! A reader says there is a similar scene in THE GIFT by Julie Garwood.

October # H 3

It’s historical fiction. The heroine is impoverished nobility, and she sews for other ladies to make extra money for her family. The hero pressures her into becoming his mistress, and she eventually agrees in order to get money for her family. After a falling out, the heroine leaves the hero and refuses to take the hero’s money. She is pregnant and living in poverty because her father has disowned her. The hero does not know about the baby. The heroine continues to sew to try to make enough money to survive. The hero’s former mistress is one her clients and actually tells other that the heroine has done a bad job of sewing in an attempt to ruin her. The heroine is near starving and almost out of money. The mother of the hero eventually runs into the heroine and takes her in before the heroine reconciles with the hero.


October # H 4

I am trying to find a romance novel I read several years ago. It starts with a man falling out of a tree, nearly hitting a reverend’s daughter. The young man used to climb the tree as a child, and decided to try again. He must marry within a certain amount of time in order to receive his inheritance. The daughter helps him back to town because of a sprained ankle and while on the walk he decides to ask her to marry him, so that he can get his fortune.


October # H 6

Second book is about a Pirate who robes a boat and steals a girl from the boat. The pirates name is Drake… and the girl’s father turns up being a pirate and marries them?

SOLVED! Try PIRATE’S ANGEL by Marsha Bauer.

October # H 7

I would like help finding a time travel romance novel that i read but can’t remember the title. The heroine lives in modern day time and was to marry her fiancee but I am not sure what happens and she goes to her ancestral home. There she sees the hero through a mirror hanging in a hall. I think the hero was in a saloon or was the owner when she first got there. The hero was not in good terms with his father because i think he was the bastard son of a powerful ranch owner and the heroine helped. I think the heroine came back to modern day and had an accident. Later she arranged all her affairs and was able to go back to the hero. I think she read in modern day that the hero was suppose to die and she and her ex fiance and another girl who I think was connected to the hero helped him. I think it was like a western time travel and there was a ranch involved. It is not The Mirrors at Barnard Hall.

SOLVED! Try MY OUTLAW by Linda Lael Miller.

October # H 8

Years ago, I read a generally regency period book where the Lord had to marry but rebelled so decided to solve his problem by marrying a dying woman. He went to a London hospital and found a woman who had been pulled out of the Thames and was thought to be dying. He married her and then felt bad leaving her in the hospital so takes her home. She recovers and it turns out some one tried to kill her so the rest of the book involves finding her would-be killer and, of course, the Lord and the woman fall in love.

SOLVED! This sounds like THE BLACKWOOD BRIDE by Jasmine Cresswell.

October # H 10

This is an older book. I read it at least ten years ago, but it seemed old at that time. Maybe from the 80s? It spans the life of a young girl (I’m fairly certain she was a red head.) who was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Ultimately she ends up as a virgin for an Arab prince’s harem(chosen by the prince’s mother), and she becomes his first wife. She ages and her son is the heir, which causes some controversy with the other wives who have sons. This is not a typical romance, but the woman and the prince do fall in love, and I remember the cover to look like a classic bodice ripper. I’m fairly certain the word “sheikh” or “harem” is in the title, but I’m not positive.

SOLVED! This might be HAREM by Diane Carey.