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Readers Helping Readers Contemporary Questions Last Two Month’s Answers

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November # C 1

I read a book in the late 80’s, early 90’s where the heroine came from a military family. She married a military officer (who I think was called Patrick). He went to war (Vietnam?) and went missing in action. The heroine became very anti-military and cut herself off from her family. The story begins when the heroine is told that her husband is alive, has been a prisoner of war for many years but has now been released and wants to see her. The only other thing I remember is that Patrick played a joke when training as an officer and wore a string of pearls under his dress uniform.

SOLVED! This is TO HAVE AND TO HOLD by Fern Michaels.

November # C 4

I read a modern mills and boon a year back it’s about an English girl (heroine) who works at a museum. She decided to go on holiday to visit her friend who I think worked and lived in either Spain or Italy. This friend had a lover who is the book’s hero . Meanwhile the hero fell in love with the heroine and begun pursuing her while the heroine knowing that there was no hope for them since her friend is pregnant. The friend then tells the hero in front of his mother (who does not like her) that she is pregnant. The hero proposes marriage to the friend and heroine goes back to England. The hero follows and helps to settle her brothers debts. There is a part near the end where the friend comes to the museum wearing designer clothes and is drunk begins shouting at the heroine.

SOLVED! Try BABY GAMBIT by Anne Mather.

November # C 7

The book is a contemporary romance. I read it about 10 years ago. The woman falls in love with a blind man. They get married. The one thing he doesn’t want is kids. They put her on birth control. The cat gets pregnant first. Then she gets sick and end up pregnant with twins (girls I think). At this time when he finds out want nothing to do with the babies. By the end of the book he ends up falling I love with his kids.

SOLVED! Try STARLIGHT by Debbie Macomber. It was reprinted not long ago.

November # C 9

What I can remember is the story revolves around a female police officer who is part of a family who all serve or have served in the police force. She is investigating the kidnapping of a judge’s daughter and the murder of the daughter’s nanny. The officer met the judge prior to this case when the judge was married to his daughter’s mother. At the end of the book the judge is standing outside his house in the cold waiting for the officer to arrive. Also the female police officer’s mother is missing presumed dead. The book is part of a series and in one of the later books the mother is found with amnesia.

SOLVED! This is RACING AGAINST TIME by Marie Ferrarella.

November # C 15

This involves a surgeon or Doctor who was married to a beautiful woman (she may have been a model) who was spoilt and selfish. The doctor has to travel but the wife was ill but wanted to come. He said no, so she had a cousin (the heroine) who came to stay with her to care for her. The wife intentionally exposed herself to cold. The heroine had a heart condition and had a mild heart attack while the wife was exposing herself. Heroine could not care for the wife so she died. I don’t remember much else; it seem another heart attack brought the heroine and and the doctor back together.


October # C 1

It was written in either the 1980s or early 1990s. The plot revolved around a heroine who agreed to be impregnated by the hero’s ill (and dying?) brother. The brother though, is too unwell, to go through with the act and the hero comes in and has sex with her, so she is pregnant with his child instead.
I seem to remember it taking place on a tropical island and it may have otherwise been set in Australia.