March 14, 2014

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February # H1

Book is set in the 1800's-1900's; main character's name is Elizabeth/Lizzy. The beginning of the book starts off with her and her friend (they are around 12-14yrs old) they were attending a town function that happens every year, she saw the guy that she has a crush on and she wanted to get his attention so she decides to stuff fruit down her top to make it look like she developed breasts. She walks down the stairs and the fruit falls out of her dress and rolls right in front of her crush's feet. I believe he yelled at her (not too sure) her dad then decides to send her away to live with her aunt (her mom passed away and she has brothers) she leaves and her time spent with her aunt was to teach her how to be more lady like also her aunt tells her to never go by the name Lizzy. Years have past and she is now in her 20's she decides to go back to her home town and its the day of the function again. later in the story her and her crush end up being on a boat, and they run out of oil they have sex(losing her virginity) she ends up getting pregnant (has a boy) i think her dad/brothers force the guy to marry her, I believe he then starts to resent her so he decides to go away for work on a boat I believe as a fisherman, he then realizes he actually loves her, he goes back home i think he tells her and then at the end of the book they're in the hospital and she's giving birth to a baby girl.

SOLVED! This is HEAVEN KNOWS by Elaine Coffman.

February # H2

I read this book approx 10 years ago but I am sure it is older than that. It is a historical or Victorian romance (set late 1880's?) about a French gentleman (who is a twin) and he attends a ball in place of his brother and this is where he meets "the one". She is an American daughter of a banker and her younger sisters name is Rose (I remember this because Rose gets a ring that has 4 gems and they spell out her name). When the American family return to New York the guy follows and then tries to woo (I want to say her name is Elizabeth) and after a little while they marry. He uses her dowry to buy a ship and she ends up stowing away for some reason I think because they have an argument. There is dual in there somewhere after that. But that is about all I remember. I know that at the beginning she was basically a plain Jane but turned into a beauty. He likes the way she smells because she uses lavender soap. They honeymoon on a beach and he cooks for her. He also says Je t'adore and she says it sounds like "shut the door".
It is just the small details that I seem to remember. I have no idea who the Author is or the title of the book but I think the book had a light purple cover.

SOLVED! Well, maybe. Some ideas: VELVET IS THE NIGHT by Elizabeth Thornton (heroine is not American, though) or JUST WICKED ENOUGH by Lorraine Heath. Neither are a perfect match, but might be worth a look.

February # H4

Looking for a historical romance from maybe late 80's-mid 90's. Heroine was being held against her will by Hero. Do not recall if she was abducted, given or sold to him. She attempts escape, and finally gets away, but ends up walking in circles and after maybe a few days is on the brink of dying do to lack of fluids and severe sun burn. Hero locates her after searching for several days, and nurtures her back to health. I know it's not Devil's Embrace, nor Elise and Max, Katherine Woodweiss, sorry can't think of the book title. Maybe it's a Joanna Linsay or Judith McNaught?!? I may be confusing and mixing two books, but could it be thenbook where a Hero lived in a castle, and everyone in his village thought he they could please the secluded lord by giving him a "virgin"? In that book, the girl was drugged, I believe, but I don't recall if he ended up keeping her against her will, so I may be merging two books!!!

SOLVED! Well, maybe. A reader thinks this could be CAPTIVE BRIDE by Johanna Lindsey.

February # H5

I am looking for the title(s) or the name of the author of a Regency romance series that has come out this year. The premise is about a mother who has gone missing and her children begin searching for her. The first book involves the oldest son, an Earl or Viscount, I think, and the second book involves his younger brother, who he is somewhat estranged from. There are two other children, one called Ian--whose book is the next in the series--and a daughter. Can you help me track this down?

SOLVED! A reader suggests the House of Trent series by Jennifer Haymore: THE DUCHESS HUNT, THE ROGUE'S PROPOSAL, THE SCOUNDREL'S SEDUCTION, and several more.

February # H6

I'm looking for a book that I read in the mid 90s It's a single title, historical and is set in the western frontier. I believe the author's name started with a C. The plot revolves around an innocent young lady with long red hair, who lives on her own. She comes across a man who was injured (maybe got shot) and against her better judgment, decides to take him back to her home and nurse him back to health. He starts off being ornery with her, unappreciative, and they don't really get along. She begins to regret caring for him, but is drawn to him. The more she cares for him, he eventually falls for her. He either doesn't remember who he his, he eventually does, or he hides it from her (can't really recall). He turns out to be wealthy and they end up on a ship for some reason, where drama ensues.

SOLVED! Try A MAN'S TOUCH by Rosalyn West, though there are probably others with this same theme.

February # H11

A young girl lives on a farm in the late 19th or beginning of 20th century in America. She falls in love with a man (his name was maybe Jack and he was a bit older than her) who works on her fathers farm. He was always a little refusing but she still loved him. Somehow she lived in his house for a while and then she got pregnant. She got sick and needed help; It was really bad; she almost died. After that, they married secretly. When her father saw them kissing and being together he got angry and then something happened, I think he got shot from someone. Before he died he made peace with his daughter and the heroine told him that they married.

SOLVED! Try ANOTHER DAWN by Sandra Brown.

February # H12

The gist of the novel is a young girl who desperately wants to impress a man she thinks she is in love with. After riding on the back of her horse standing up (thinking this will do the trick), her father, having had it with her antics, sends her to France to live with her Aunt and learn to act like a lady. She becomes quite popular in France, after making friends with one girl who's brother is somewhat of a rake, and has become quite close to the main character also. But she catches the eye of A Duke I think it was, during a costume ball, who finds out her father is going to end up in debtors prison after gambling issues. He pays off the mans debt with the condition that he is given her (main character) hand in marriage. I also remember one chapter where after acting high handed, and irritating her, she leaves him in the middle of a dance, or she tries, I can't remember which. I believe it is a regency romance.

SOLVED! Try WHITNEY, MY LOVE by Judith McNaught, or perhaps DEFIANT ANGEL by Stephanie Stephens

February # H13

The story is set after the fail of some sort of Scottish uprising,the king of England orders english Nobel men to marry Scottish heiress. The hero of the story marries his wife when they were both just kids I think he was 14 and she was 4 or 5 maybe older I forgot. Anyways they marry and he goes back to England because it all a political marriage. Years later He's a total payboy and lives it up. till during a ball he see this beautiful woman walks into the room with hair like red wine and he falls for her. He get her to agree to be his mistress. Leter on he finds out that it was actually his wife that he fallen in love with and she only came back to get pregnant by him because her clans man were try to over trough her. Hope what I said gave you enough to find it. By the way the hero is a second son he has older brother who a earl I think? and also a sister who ends up running away and marrying his best friend who also a rough like him, and at first he disproves of the marriage but later on he's ok with it.

SOLVED! This is A TASTE OF SIN by Connie Mason.

January # H1

This is a historical romance around the Napoleonic War time, set in Spain. The hero is an English solider who is also an Earl or Duke. While at war he stumbles upon the heroine who is an orphan young child of 12 or 13years of age. Out of pity he marries her and sends her to a Church for safekeeping. After 5 years of war he reluctantly goes to Spain to bring his bride back.

SOLVED! This is BRIDE BY MISTAKE by Anne Gracie.

January # H2

I have been looking for this romance novel that I read about 7 years now. I do remember though that it definitely revolved around medieval times. The hero is angry and grief stricken because the women he loved had wed his cousin or brother I think. He is very upset especially since he realizes that his love is well and truly happy married to this other man. I think he was a knight because somehow he ends up hurt and in a castle being treated by the heroine. She treats him and in a lucid state the hero wakes up and they have sex. I know for sure that a quote mentioned how the image of the heroine standing before the fire with her curls tumbling down would forever be seared in the hero's memory. The next morning the hero has no memory of the night before and the heroine shortly after ends up pregnant. Somehow the hero and heroine end up traveling with the hero's cousin/brother and his wife. By this point both women are heavily pregnant and the hero still does not know he is the father of the heroines child. The hero still loves the ex-love but eventually the truth comes out and he falls deeply in love with the heroine.

SOLVED! This sounds like SECRET SONG by Catherine Coulter.

January # H5

The book could be a paranormal/myster/romance type book. It is about a woman who with her sister witnesses this teenager getting beat to a pulp by his father in a run down section of town. She wants to help him and goes over but he grabs her and tells her to go away. He calls her by a nickname he couldn't possibly know. If I remember correctly he knew he was going to meet her.

Years later, she finds the man in jail for killing his stepfather and she recognizes him as the boy. He is incredibly handsome and she finds he has his own website a female following due to his good looks. He has two friends a man and his sister, I think they were Spanish and the main character tracks them down to find out more about him.

I remember the warden of the jail is afraid of him because he saw him take on several guards/or inmates at one time and realizes he is not really a normal human being.

SOLVED! A reader says this is FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT by Darynda Jones, it's the first book to her Charley Davidson series.

January # H8

All I remember is that it was set in the old west. A young girl living on her father's ranch fell in love with one of the hands. He was a charmer, but was not a good guy. She of course thought he was wonderful. She ended up getting pregnant by the no good charmer . He either ran off after finding out or he left before she found out she was pregnant. The girl's father married her off to one of his other ranch hands to try to prevent a scandal and the embarrassment he would have to endure. I want to say the name of the guy she married was Jake. I think he had a scar on his face that made him really self conscious. He was a really good guy, but was down on his self because of his past and the scar. They ended up setting out to find a place of their own. As they traveled they became friends and he fell in love with her. She eventually fell in love with him, but didn't want to admit it because she still carried a crush for the father of her baby.

They eventually found a place to settle and she has a boy. Since Jake loves her so much, he begins to think of the little boy as his own. Jake's brother showed up and bad things started to happen. Just as Jake and his brother started to mend their relationship, his brother dies. Then the father of the baby comes back into the picture and she runs off to be with him. She finally see the guy for what he really is, which is a good for nothing gold digger, and goes back to Jake. They mend their relationship and they have another little boy. Her father also comes back into her life at the end of the story to apologize for what he did and hopes that she will forgive him. It's actually a really good book. I kinda remember the cover to have a patchwork quilt and maybe a child's toy or something on it.

SOLVED! This sounds like SWEET LULLABY by Lorraine Heath.

January # H10

I'm looking for a book set in England in the 1800's where the heroine has to marry against her wishes, so she sets out to make her future husband believe that she is undesirable by making herself appear fat and ugly. She hides herself behind a veil and wears padding to make herself appear fat. There is a part I remember where I think she gets wet and her husband notices that she appears lumpy because her padding is wet and he uncovers her secret.

SOLVED! This might be MIDSUMMER MAGIC by Catherine Coulter.

January # H11

I am looking for a historical Native American Romance. The main guy is Native American, and kidnaps the white female heroine. It would have come out before the year 2001. I don't remember character specifics. If I remember correctly at one point she was tied up naked. She obviously acclamates and falls in love. I do remember her having a little sister maybe 11ish that was kidnapped by some group of white men and raped. The hero goes to save her and remembers her as a type of brave little fighter the spirit had gone out of after being gang raped and basically strung up for communal use. The little sister makes a friend in the tribe after (a younger male.) The heroine thinks how different it is that in white society the young sister would be tarnished if word got out she had been raped, but she is still accepted by the tribe. Towards the end she is returned to her normal life but figures out she is pregnant. Someone suggests an herb to end the pregnancy, and of course she doesn't want to do that. They end up together after her worry for his life in some sort of battle I believe.

SOLVED! The reader answered her own question - this is COMANCHE MOON by Catherine Anderson, but the pregnancy part is from another book.

January # H12

I read this book many years ago. It is a historical romance novel set in England that is part of a series with family members being the main characters. It revolves around the sister in the family. She fell in love with her brother's friend, and he with her. However, because of her age and his relationship with her brother he doesn't do anything about it. She eventually become engaged to another named Michael (I think) who is killed in a battle. She and her brother's friend are found in bed together (he is just comforting her) and end up marrying. He uses it as an excuse to do so. The dead fiance ends up returning and causes drama.


January # H13

I read this book in 2002 so it was written before then. I cannot remember any of the characters names but remember some of the story. It begins with a village being invaded. A beautiful girl fights off the men who are attacking her father. They are on horses and have swords. She catches the eye of the king/prince? due to her bravery and he kidnaps her. He keeps her captive for fun at first but ends up falling for her. She gets pregnant and realizes that she loves him as well. For some reason(I cannot remember) she thinks that he loves another woman and she runs away. He searches for her and finds her eventually. They live happily ever after. I believe that the man that kidnaps her is a Viking or of Highland descent.

SOLVED! This sounds similar to FIRES OF WINTER by Johanna Lindsey.

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