April 16, 2014

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Contemporary Questions

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April # C 1

The hero and heroine are on a business trip, her last one before she is to be named a partner in his firm. While on this trip, the heroine makes a grave mistake, and feels that her chances of becoming a partner are over. So, she decides that she would do anything to save her position in this firm. What she does not realize is that the hero has manipulated everything, and sets out to claim her as his mate.

April # C 2

The Romance novel I am looking start's when a young woman (an artist) accidently crashes her car into the tycoon's fancy car. He brings her back to her home and thinks that she is living of an old man (who is a great painter and her mentor – but the tycoon doesn’t know that).

The next day the woman goes to the tycoon's office to tell him that she doesn’t have car insurance like she thought she did, which makes the tycoon take the girl with him to his car, only they don’t manage to get there because they are being kidnapped.

They are held in some big shipping container but manage to escape eventually.

Later the tycoon finds out that the woman isn't so stupid but in fact is super smart (speaks lots of languages and is a mathematical genius who was accepted to some ivy leagues on full scholarship, though she turned them down) but she pursued an artist career instead. She only wanted to be a great painter like her father.

April # C 3

The book might be either a harlequin or silhouette book. The story is about a model who had twin daughters when she was around 16. The father of her twins was her cousin's husband. Her cousin adopts them. When her cousin passes away she wants to have contact with the twins. The model eventually marries her cousin's widower and has another set of twin boys. Thank you.

April # C 4

Old I believe Harlequin story that I read more than 10 years ago. The hero and the heroine are stepbrother and stepsister. I THINK the hero's name is Matt but I don't remember for sure. The hero is older than the stepsister. The hero's father has died but the heroine's mom and the heroine still live on the ranch with the hero and his younger brother. The hero is the older brother and he pretty much runs the ranch. In the very beginning, the heroine wants to go to New York (either NY or some other big city) and asks the hero for permission as he is head of the household. The hero says no. The hero has secretly been in love with his stepsister for years and has just been waiting for her to grow up (but we don't find this out until the end of the book). So when the heroine says she wants to leave the ranch and go to some big city, the hero starts to "chase her." I think one of their first dates is a drive in movie but I'm not quite sure. Anyway, the hero starts kissing her and the heroine realizes that she is attracted to her stepbrother.

At one point, the hero and the heroine accidentally sleep together on the hero's bed (hero knew the heroine was sleeping on it but the heroine didn't know the hero was in the bed). The next morning, they are caught together by the heroine's mom and the hero's younger brother. (In reality, the hero's younger brother was trying to get them together by telling the heroine to sleep in the hero's bed - the younger brother was trying to make amends to the hero for some reason that I do not remember). After they are caught, I think there is some sort of engagement (I think) and wedding arrangements are started. Eventually, the hero's real feelings for the heroine are revealed and they have their happily ever after

April # C 5

Young Woman (who is a virgin) gets her best friend to marry her. Best friend is a photographer with photographers' block from wartime assignments. She wants him to take photographs of her father's rose garden. Back story is that her other best friend (a guy) is going through marital difficulties and woman's husband is jealous.

April # C 6

It is about a woman who is a realtor and she has an appointment with a "potential buyer" to a home that she has a bad history with. (Bad history meaning - when she was younger, she was in the home and the owner of the home at that time had hidden pictures of her and other things in a tower. This owner also attempted to have relations with her - against her will) The potential buyer is wealthy and is attempting to seduce the realtor as well. He takes her to dinner at a hotel near the home where he is staying - then later he takes her to his house where his mother is there and she is really standoff-ish -

Fast forward - we find out in the book that the potential buyer is looking to buy this house only because his mother has sent him to do this as a revenge deal. Supposedly the younger brother used to admire the woman realtor and had an infatuation with her. Something happened to the younger brother and the woman realtor is blamed. The woman had no clue that the brother had this infatuation with her. she assumed it was a sweet friendship.

In the end, the potential buyer explains that his mother was the culprit and he was just trying to appease his mother.

April # C 7

Hi I'm looking for a i think it was from the early 80's to early 90's I think it was a harlequin it was about a girl who got pregnant from a one night stand but hates the baby, baby's father finds out she was pregnant and forces her to marry him so the child can have his name, I think he is a Spanish duke.
She has problems with her pregnancy but doesn't tell the father and not until the end when she faints at a wedding of a friend and is rushed to the hospital and tell the doctors to save the baby for her husband and the husband says say the wife.
She goes into a coma and doesn't wake up for a while but she does and they name the baby Oliver .

April # C 8

Very convoluted story. A young woman travels East from California to meet her older half siblings. Their mutual father is a producer/director in LA. She meets and falls in love with a man who coaches kids basketball after in was involved in some college sports scandal. The plot includes an old Civil War movie and the script. And a reenactment of the movie.

She also travels East each week to continue her group therapy with the family (mostly children) of other famous parents.

April # C 9

I was looking for a book where the girl gets whipped; she meets a boy, and he tries to help her, but he can´t, he is a rockstar I think. On day she gets beaten too much, and ends in the hospital, where she gets help. A few years later she becomes a famous singer and she is the face of the place where she was helped. In a concert she meets the boy again and they stay together.

April # C 10

I am having trouble finding a series that starts with a man flying across the Atlantic to find a woman that can help fulfill the marriage rule of his island (I believe an island off Ireland). He is a scientist that deals with vegetation. He finds her outside in a churchyard before she walks down the aisle to a marriage of convenience. She becomes a runaway bride. With a few twists and turns it all works out.

The second book and third book are about his friends. One friend tries to avoid a woman he has known for years. She is a very talented basket weaver and wants to expand the teachings and open a school. The other book is about her friend coming to live with her (a successful photographer) who falls for the location and the third friend from the first book.

April # C 11

I need help finding a book I read a few years ago. The female lead is named Jessica, I believe. The story is she works as a secretary or assistant for this guy who's family is friends with hers. She loves this guy but he stays away from her because he thinks his younger brother is in love with her. She tries to get his attention several ways. One is pretending she hurt her ankle during tennis.When she hurt her ankle, supposedly, she makes out with the guy in the kitchen and he freaks out because the younger brother walks in. The two families are neighbors. She ends up walking into the guys office to turn in her resignation.

April # C 12

The book is definitely a contemporary book. It isn't part of a series either. I remember picking the book up at a Kmart in 2002-2003. The scene I remember the most is when the woman went to visit her missing boyfriend's brother. She was pregnant at the time (very early in pregnancy). She was nauseous at one point and he made her some chamomile (I believe) tea. He had to reassure her that the tea would not harm her. The brother is part Native American. I can't remember which tribe though but I remember him being part NA.

I believe the main male character has something to do with military or a cop. I vaguely remember him having the resources to look for his brother. The brother was found dead. He was into some shady business.

I believe the story moved along enough to have her very pregnant (they were in an intimate relationship by then). He mentioned something about it when he saw her. I remember a scene where it was pouring down rain and they made love in a tent.

March # C 5

I am trying find a harlequin desire novel. It is about a guy who gets a job on a ranch working for a guy his age named Adam. Adam has a little sister who becomes infatuated with the guy. I want to say his name is Holt. But I am not positive. She moves away and graduates college gets a fiance. But when her brother goes missing she comes home to help the guy look for him. They try fighting their feelings for each other. Her brother and this guy end up being secret agents and they travel to Mexico where he was last seen and pretend to be a married couple while trying to find him.

March # C 6

I can not remember the characters names but it is set in London in world war 2 and is about a young woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock. After telling her family they find out that the father is engaged to be married to another woman whom is also pregnant so she is forced into marrying his older brother. After having the baby they move to live with her aunt in the country who is a lesbian where she develops post natal depression. Once she has over come the depression she is out with the baby in the pram and over hears someone discussing her aunts sexuality, in the haste to warn her aunt she crosses the road with out looking pushing the pram out into the path of a bus where the pram is crushed and baby is killed. I believe a year down the line the woman is sitting in the living room with a friend and her child. The child walks up to the woman and places one hand on her knee however, the woman feels a hand on the other knee too which she believes to be her dead baby's spirt. Which is confirmed by the sudden presence of a butterfly on her knee which then flies out the window showing that the child is at peace.

March # C 12

I am looking for a contemporary romance book where the heroine is pregnant and abandoned by the father of the baby. I think she was a waitress but had good education in catering. She left everything and moved to a new state because she thought she would be getting married to the baby's father but he abandoned her. I think she was having trouble keeping a job due to her pregnancy but in any case she ended up in a desperate situation without money, without a job and without a home. So, the local priest/minister asks his ex-brother-in-law for help. His wife dies in some sort of accident and he blames himself. The hero is rich and successful, agrees to help heroine reluctantly and hires her as his housekeeper. At some point she has a baby girl and at first the hero is very stand-offish but eventually warms up to the baby and the heroine. They start falling in love but both are scared to trust and it happens slowly. She starts to do some catering for extra income, other than her housekeeping salary. I remember that she furnished her housekeeping apartment with lots of second-hand furniture. I think the biological father shows up and tries to stir some trouble, threatens to get custody from heroine but the hero gets rid of him. It was a little bit of an inspirational romance because the priest, brother in law and hero had some discussions about losing faith and not helping the community.

March # C 15

I can't remember much but it's about a girl who doesn't get out much but when her great aunt, or friend, died her wish was to travel the world so the girl goes travelling on her behalf, I think she takes the ashes with her. There is also a guy who is used to travelling on his own and prefers it that way but for the first time he isn't as he is paid to be the girl's guide.

Readers, if you have any answers for these questions, please email TRR, and be sure to include the month and the question number so we can list them accurately! As always, thanks for your help!

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