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Taming of the Two
by Elizabeth Harbison
(Silh. Romance #1790, $4.25, G) ISBN 0373-19791-X
Having finished reading this in the morning and getting ready to write the review that evening, I had to refresh my memory about what the story was. Taming of the Two is not particularly memorable but it is entertaining during the reading.

Kate and Bianca Gregory come from old-fashioned parents, particularly their widowed father, who thinks that the oldest daughter should marry first. However, Bianca, the youngest, has fallen in love first. She is semi-engaged to the Gregory’s ranch foreman and wants to set a date. But first she has to get Kate settled.

Kate is not ready to marry. She just wants to help the family get settled by selling the last of the horse sperm from their stud and move to a bigger city in Texas to do something she wants to do, like teach school. Her old nemesis has returned to town to help his mother settle her ranch and he wants to buy some of that sperm. Ben Devere was always a thorn in Kate’s side and vice versa. They teased each other. Ben was mischievous and Kate always called him to task. Ben did things to annoy Kate and she took the bait. Despite that, they were both privately attracted to each other, but other than one brief kiss, never acted on it. Ben left town and Kate stayed.

Now, they are both in town and Bianca has hatched a plot that they act as if they are falling for each other to fool their dad. This will allow her to plan and hold her wedding. Kate reluctantly agrees and Ben does so, even more reluctantly. Sparks fly. The best laid plans…

The story is a quick read, with plenty of verbal exchanges and lots of silly arguing that serves as foreplay. While they try to be honest with each other, they both have things they are keeping close to their hearts…one of them being their feelings. When the physical sexual tensions heat up, so do the emotional entanglements.

The tale is entertaining, but has many routine situations that are unsurprising. There are a few twists thrown in, but the tale moves along generally as one could predict while still delivering a nice romantic feeling. There is nothing new here and little real action, being a character-driven story. Bianca is sassy and often upstaged Kate but Ben is clearly playing a lead role.

Taming of the Two is part of the Shakespeare in Love series and Ben and Kate do their best to act the parts of rake and heroine. Ultimately, true love wins out and the reader is treated to an enjoyable, if uneventful few hours in their story.


Shirley Lyons

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