Having the Bossís Babies
by Barbara Hannay
(Silh. Romance #1840, $4.25, PG) ISBN 0373-19840-X
Having the Bossís Babies is one of those stories that is so predictable and trite that you donít have to pay much attention while you are reading and you still know the plot. The setting is Australia but other than a few mentions of the Outback, there is nothing to distinguish it from anywhere else in the world.

Alice Madigan just turned thirty and is depressed. Her family had a party but spent the whole time lamenting that she is thirty, divorced and unable to have children. She leaves to find her friends and co-workers at the local bar, only to discover they had moved on to some other hot spot. She decides to treat herself to a potent drink called a Screaming Orgasm. A hot man hits on her and off she goes off with him for a night of wild sex and what feels like a good thing.

Liam Conway is in a depressed state himself. He is new to Cairns, it is his birthday and he is feeling guilty about the car accident that had killed his twin brother many years ago. Alice is attractive and they just seem to click. He is thinking it is a great way to start as he tries to settle into this new town and take over the travel business he had just purchased. All is going well until the two start to discuss their work. Alice, they discover, is one of Liamís new employees.

They part, thinking they can handle this without complications, only to find that the local paper has snapped their photo while dancing and it is soon all over the papers. Complications have begun. Add to that their total lust for each other and circumstances that threw them together and we have babies.

The author took 114 pages of the 186 total to set up the tale, even though we discover on the back cover (and the title) that Alice gets pregnant. Since we already know this, the long set-up is wasted. And unfortunately, that leaves just 72 pages for the rest of the story. Luckily, or unluckily, as the case may be, the resolution is pretty clear since both of them think they are in love (after just these few weeks) and have to figure out how to make it work. Add to that the rather convenient fact that we know that Alice is feeling guilty over getting pregnant after telling Liam she was sterile and Liam still feeling guilty over his brother and the tale just bogs down in those last few chapters. The happy ever after almost seems like an afterthought.

Neither Liam or Alice are characters that jump from the pages. They are just there, muddling through life. Alice seemed strong at times and yet, she just caves in to Liamís demands when the going gets tough. Liam seemed sensitive and nice at times, but he was inconsistent in many of his actions. One minute he is demanding and the next he is running from things and afraid to have any confrontations. Throw in a few misunderstandings and the lack of empathy from the reader intensifies.

The good thing is Having the Bossís Babies is meant to be a fast reading experience. The bad thing is that the story is not really worth any time, even those few hours. My recommendation is to skip this one and find a better option.

--Shirley Lyons

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