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Rock Solid by Jennifer Greene
(Silh. Desire #1316 $3.99 PG) ISBN 0-373-76316-6
Lexie Woolf is considered a genius in the financial world. The diminutive twenty-eight year old made her first investment at the age of fourteen using her birthday money and things quickly mushroomed from there. She now is the owner of a prestigious investment firm and is making money hand over fist. Her rapid rise to the top has earned her the nicknamed of “the pixie with the Midas touch.”

Her life in Chicago is filled with excitement, risk and ultimately success. A life she loves. There’s no explanation for why she is suddenly experiencing frightening anxiety attacks and bouts of insomnia. Lexie is certain all she needs is a vacation and a month’s stay at Silver Mountain seems the perfect answer.

Silver Mountain is an executive retreat deep in the Idaho mountains with an impeccable reputation for helping even the most burned out executives reenergize. A place where cell phones, pagers, even palm pilots are confiscated. But Lexie thinks maybe that kind of shock therapy is just what she needs. What she wasn’t counting on is the shock she receives when she meets Silver Mountain’s owner.

Cash McKay is not the wizened old cowboy she envisioned when she signed up for the program, but a hunk that resembles “the Marlboro man come to life-sans cigarette.”

Cash is also an escapee from the business world. He’s been helping recharge overworked CEO’s for over a decade and he loves the country life. Plus, it’s the perfect environment for raising his eight year old nephew, Sammy.

Cash willingly took over the responsibility of raising his sister Hannah’s son when it became apparent Hannah had little interest in the boy. Sammy was devastated by his mother’s defection and Cash makes it his top priority to be there for Sammy and to protect him from further hurt.

Although both Cash and Lexie are attracted from the start, it’s apparent the two are incompatible. Lexie’s a hard driving executive who is uncomfortable around too much nature and fresh air. Not to mention being a bona fide klutz who hates all types of outdoor activities. Cash loves the outdoor life at Silver Mountain and he’s reluctant to begin a relationship with anyone who will get close to Sammy, but ultimately leave him just like his mother.

This is my first book by Jennifer Greene, but it certainly won’t be my last. I love her writing style: fresh, with witty dialogue and wonderful dashes of humor. Her ability to develop such complex characters is impressive in such a short book.

Lexie is the humorous epitome of the harried executive. Endearingly clumsy, she reluctantly participates in any activity Cash devises, knowing full well it will be a disaster. Poor Cash is horrified when all his efforts to help Lexie cure her anxiety attacks end exactly as Lexie has warned - in disaster. When we discover the reason for Lexie’s anxiety attacks, it’s a real heartbreaker.

Even though it’s obvious that each is exactly what the other needs, their divergent lifestyles work to keep them apart. It’s a believable conflict, but did seem resolved a bit too effortlessly. Especially on Cash’s part. I was never entirely certain what caused his change of heart.

However, Rock Solid was impossible to put down once I started reading and I fell a little in love with all the characters, especially Lexie. I think Jennifer Greene’s many fans will love Rock Solid, too.

--Karen Lynch

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