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For His Little Girl by Lucy Gordon
(Silh. Sp. Ed. #1348, $4.50, PG) ISBN 0-373-24348-0
Luke Danton is a man who has it all: money, a big, beautiful home, a job he loves and beautiful women. When Pippa Davis and their daughter, Josie, unexpectedly arrive for a visit, he discovers he has something more - a ten-year-old daughter and the woman he had come closest to loving years ago. Since they arrive just at the point when a lovely model is about try to make a reluctant Luke marry her, he greets them both with open arms.

As Pippa and Luke get to know each other all over again, as he gets to know Josie, the daughter he had never met before, he slowly comes to realize that what he did have in his carefree life might not have been what he should have wanted. He still doesnít want commitment to anyone but he begins to regret the years he missed with Josie. When he tells Pippa that everything is perfect again between them, she explodes and he realizes his view of their relationship was never hers. Her idea of what he was before and is now isnít what he wants her to believe.

What he still has to learn is why Pippa showed up at all. Pippa may have impulsively taken her daughter to California, but the visit actually has a serious purpose. She wants Josie to get to know Luke now that Pippa has been told she may not have much more time left to live. She desperately wants Luke to grow up enough to become Josieís parent when Pippa is no longer around. What she doesnít think to hope for is that he will grow up enough to fight to have Pippa forever, even though the odds that will happen arenít good.

Lucy Gordon does wonderful heroes - this one begins as a shallow but charming fellow who never needed to be anything more. Lukeís drawback is that he does seem so shallow. The huge change that takes place inside him because of Pippa and his daughter isnít shown as clearly as the caddish original Luke. Though the younger, still childish Pippa is shown in flashbacks, it is the mature Pippa who the reader meets first. That makes Pippa look a lot better than the immature Luke who we know through most of the book. You see Pippa as a heroine who feels somewhat outshone by Luke, but who the reader can see has solid and good qualities.

Pippa, though she is the more virtuous of the pair, also has her drawbacks. Her refusal to tell Luke the real reason she is there, though understandable, isnít admirable. He finally finds out because of someone else and struggles to overcome his hurt over her silence.

Still, you want both of them to overcome their shortcomings and, in Pippaís case, her illness. Both of them are drawn realistically enough that you can believe in their dramatic changes by the end. The ending, though happy, doesnít make them perfect.

--Irene Williams

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