Wrong Man, Right Kiss
by Red Garnier
(Harl. Desire #2248, $5.25, PG-13) ISBN 978-0373-73261-6
I enjoy Red Garnier's writing style. Even her last book I read that I didn't fully enjoy. In this one, her style shines through with snappy dialogue, engaging characters and an understanding of writing. The plotline was predictable and she relies on the big misunderstanding, which kept this from being more than three hearts.

Molly Devaney and Julian John Gage have known each other since Molly was three and shared her lollipop with six year old Julian. Molly and her sister were raised in the Gage household upon the death of her parents. Not exactly like sister and brother, they have had a bond of friendship all through the years. And the family has protected that by sending Julian off to other parts of the world when it looked like he wanted to be more than just a brother.

Now, both successful in their professional life, Molly decides she is ready for love. She shares a kiss at a masquerade in the dark with a man she thinks is Julian's older brother Garrett. But after the party, he acts as if she is invisible and yet she feels as if she has kissed her soul mate. She convinces Julian to act as her lover to make Garrett jealous and declare himself. For Julian this is an opportunity to show Molly that he loves her and to recreate that amazing kiss they shared during a masquerade.

Oh yes, the familiar fake romance which turns into real romance for all the wrong reasons. There are also other issues going on, like Julian wanting to leave the family business and the family still wanting to protect Molly from heartache. And just when the reader thinks things are going to work out…the big misinterpretation occurs delaying their HEA for a few chapters.

Wrong Man, Right Kiss is at times very fun and at times, very frustrating. But Red Garnier's writing style shines through.

--Shirley Lyons

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