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Haunted Moon
by Yasmine Galenorn
(Jove, $7.99, R)  ISBN 978-0-51515281-4
I really liked Haunted Moon. Yasmine Galenorn is a good storyteller, and her world is very much her own. I would recommend this to readers who like Laurell K. Hamilton and Kim Harrison. I will, however say, that this is the 13th book in the Otherworld series featuring the D'Artigo sisters, and if, like me, you haven't read the others, you might be a little lost in the beginning. So many characters are introduced, it got a little confusing, especially in the first few chapters. That's the reasoning behind my three heart rating. If I hadn't felt a little overwhelmed in the beginning, it would have earned a solid four hearts.

The main character in this story is Camille D'Artigo, half human, half Fae, a witch specializing in death magic, and working for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. Her two sisters, Menolly, a vampire, and Delilah, werecat and Death Maiden, live with her, along with several otherworldly friends, and her three husbands. There's Smoky, a dragon, Trillian, a Fae, who is her alpha husband, and Morio, a youkai-kitsune, or Japanese fox demon. I liked Camille and her men, though the quartet thing worked a little better for me if I didn't think too hard about it. I'm not sure how that would work out in real life, and I don't think it would be for me, but that's part of the fun of fiction!

Haunted Moon calls itself paranormal romance, and I suppose it is, but to me the romance part is very much secondary to the paranormal happenings. What are those? Well, there are bone-walkers, walking skeletons, and zombies, attacking magic users. This is tied into a mysterious disappearance Camille is asked to look into, and what are those creepy, too real dreams about Gulakah, the self named Lord of Ghosts? And if Camille's life isn't complicated enough, she still has to continue her training as a priestess to the Moon Mother, which will either bind her closer to Morio or drive them apart. Will they have to kill Gulakah? Is it possible to kill a god?

I really liked Camille. She is feisty and intelligent and takes no crap. She loves her sisters and her men and her friends, and her goddess, and she isn't afraid of a fight if one comes knocking. My only caution to other readers would be if you have issues with the heroine sleeping with more than one guy, because things get intense and Camille isn't the only one who has to be flexible.

Overall, I found Haunted Moon to be a fun return to paranormal romance, and it was very much reminiscent of what I love about Laurell K. Hamilton or Charlaine Harris; that is, a strong, interesting main character, a well-thought out, unique world to play in, magic firmly rooted in traditions, and of course, fun sexy times. However, it was a little too complicated, like the more recent Anita Blake or Sookie Stackhouse books, to be easily understood by a first time Galenorn reader.

--Jessica Smith

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