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Seduced in Seattle by Kristin Gabriel
(Harl. Tempt. #868, $3.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-25968-9
Seduced in Seattle is the third installment of the Single in the City miniseries. I was a bit doubtful that I'd appreciate this story, knowing I was reading a series out of order. However, after a few pages of being lost, I quickly picked up the "thread" and knew what held the series together.

What makes the brides different in this miniseries, instead of throwing a bouquet, she tosses a skirt. The lucky catchee, if history holds true, will meet her true love. He'll be smitten, all due to the magic in the skirt. Kate Talavera, the heroine of the third story, finds herself locked in a bathroom, knowing that it's time for the throwing of the skirt. The only unattached woman of the three is frantic to get out. Gotta get to the skirt, gotta go.

A timely rescue allows Kate to indeed catch the skirt. Kate is planning a surprise party for her parents, soon to celebrate forty years of marriage. She invites old friend, TV selling mogul Todd Winslow, to her parents' party and intends to woo him, thinking that he'll be her true love. And with the help of the magical skirt, he'll be hers.

Ah, not even in Romance land does true love come that easily. Speed bumps occur in the form of another old high school friend, Brock Gannon. He's come to Seattle on an assignment, to recover the skirt for a client. Brock has unwillingly accepted the assignment, knowing that if he didn't do the recovery, then unsavory types might be forced to become involved.

When Brock sees Kate, care to guess what she's wearing?

What started out as a clever premise soon disintegrates into a comedy of errors. Suddenly a plot has become octopus-like with tentacles appearing to be plot lines heading out from all directions. That's my main objection to Seduced in Seattle. It's more Romance-lite, with way too much emphasis on the plot rather than the characters. Considering that Kate is torn between two men for most of the book, that makes it hard for a steady relationship to develop between her and the hero. We also have the evidence of Brock's perfidy for most of the book. What will Kate do when she discovers that Brock has an ulterior motive?

Another plot line that detracts from the romance is Kate's parents. Instead of having a joyous, forty year celebration, they separate, which causes Brock to spend a great deal of time with Kate's dad, while Kate will begin trying to convince her mother to reconcile.

Sorry, but if I want a complicated, convoluted plot, I'll read intrigue.But my needs are much more basic. I want major attention given to the developing love story. Near the end, more interference is continuing to occur. There's so much interference and so many peripheral complications that it's hard to focus on the two characters.

In fact, it's so hard that I didn't feel connected to their budding love story. And that's really too bad when you don't care for the love aspect in a love story.

--Linda Mowery

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