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Run the Risk
by Lori Foster
(Harlequin, $7.99, PG-13) 978-0-373-77695-5
Pepper Yates is living in hiding. Sheís in a run down apartment, going by a fake name, and has made her appearance very dull. Pepper and her brother, Rowdy, both worked at a nightclub several years prior where a murder occurred. They werenít involved in the murder, but knew more than they should.The nightclub owner, who is the murderer, is aware that the Yatesísiblings know.

Logan Riske is a detective. His friend is the man that was murdered. He wants justice for his friend, but first needs to get to Rowdy Yates who has the only evidence out there. The fastest way to get to Rowdy is through his sister, so he goes undercover and moves into the apartment next door. His goal is to get to know her, so that he can find Rowdy and he can put the nightclub owner in jail.

To Loganís surprise, Pepper (who goes by Sue) is an intriguing woman that he finds himself attracted to, even though she wears plane Jane clothes and on the outside seems dull. Pepper / Sue is definitely reserved, but thereís spark that leaves Logan confused. Heís conflicted between his goal of using her to get to Rowdy and the feelings he is starting to develop for her.

Before he can figure things out, Rowdy enters the picture and Logan is forced to act. He confronts Rowdy and takes him into the police station to interrogate him about the night of the murder. As expected, Pepper is pissed and upset. She decides to go rogue and confront the nightclub owner in order to help her brother get out of the situation. Loganís protective side comes out and he canít help but get more involved. Thereís no going back now.

Run the Risk has its ups and down. It combines sex, suspense, adventure, and tries to build a relationship between Pepper and Logan. The sex starts from the moment Pepper and Logan meet and they canít seem to stop for days. Suddenly, Pepper puts on the breaks and thatís when the plot gets into the suspense / adventure. It leaves the story broken in sections instead of meshing all of the elements together.

Run the Risk did have attention grabbing parts, but it wasnít enough for me to recommend this book.

--Nichole Howell

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