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Jordan by Lori Foster
(Harl. Tempt. #798, $3.99, PG-13) ISBN 0-373-25898-4
Oh yeah! Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle. This one is another Temptation scorcher. Jordan Sommerville, quintessential nice guy with the sexiest voice in town, goes to a local bar along with some other town elders to try to persuade the owner to clean things up. He meets Georgia Barnes there. In fact he gets to know her really well since she works as an exotic dancer at the bar and, when Jordan takes it on herself to protect her, they end up handcuffed and in a cop car together. Since Jordanís brother, Morgan, is the sheriff, both the brothers are less than pleased to see each other that night.

Jordan and Georgiaís sexual attraction is instant, mutual and way hot. Despite foot massages, near combustible meetings and other sexy stuff, it takes a long time for any consummation of that desire. For one thing, Jordan begins by completely disapproving of Georgiaís lifestyle. However he soon discovers her lifestyle is that of single mother who has taken on a lot for her childrenís sake.

Georgiaís mother goes to the emergency room during Jordan and Georgiaís first, long encounter and Jordan ends up helping out with Georgiaís tumbledown house and her cute kids. Georgia is plenty busy even without that extra emergency. She works as a waitress and sidelines as an exotic dancer because that is what pays the best with the skills she has. And she canít figure Jordan out. All the brothers - Jordan in particular - are not only sexy but theyíre sweet. She isnít used to the combination and she waits for the catch. Gradually she starts to realize there isnít one. Instead she and her children are gathered into Jordanís family and made part of them.

I liked this couple. I liked Jordanís family. I wished I had read the first few books and gotten to know the other brothers. They sound like quite a bunch. Iím looking forward to reading about the oldest nephew, Casey, who has plenty of the family sex appeal.

The only real problem I had was the same one Georgia has. What does Georgia contribute to Jordanís life? OK, yeah, sex. Great sex. But he is the answer to any overburdened single motherís prayer - heís sexy, he loves her kids, he has money, heís considerate. Georgia feels overwhelmed by everything he does for her . . . including providing her with a new job by the end of the story. I think I would, too. Maybe any woman would have to wonder what Jordan sees in her.

Thereís nothing wrong with Georgia. Sheís feisty, she has a great body, she works hard without complaining, sheís a good mother, sheís very - athletic - and, even for Jordan, sheís no pushover. Still I have to admit I wonder what it is that Jordan gets out of the relationship. Well, maybe it helps to meet a guy like that in an exotic dancerís outfit.

--Irene Williams

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