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The Cowboy’s Lady
by Nicole Foster
(Silh. Spl Ed. #1913, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-24913-6
What do you get when you have a couple of people who have grown up around each other as friends, only to discover that there might be more?  What if those same people also share a goal and work together on a project?  And then when they start feeling differently about each other, they realize that their life dreams just don’t mesh?  What you get is a fairly traditional category romance entitled The Cowboy’s Lady.

The cowboy is Josh Garrett.  Josh has been a rodeo bronc rider and has dreams of being the National Champion.  He is closer than ever before this year.  He is home on the ranch of his father Jed and his brother Rafe in between rodeos.  They are constantly nagging him for not helping enough but they truly understand that his goal is different than theirs.  There is a lot of history here. Jed is the father of four sons, all of whom have different mothers.  He is currently married to Josh’s mother.

The Lady is Eliana Tamar.  She is the daughter of the owner of the local store that sells to the ranchers in the area.  Josh is her good friend and is always buying new gear for his next ride. Eliana gave up her future to help her father raise her siblings when her mother passed away.  She helps the store run and does everything she can to help make ends meet.  Sammy, her youngest brother has some issues, including not doing well in school due to his shyness and need for special schooling.  There is an idea that a special school could help Sammy and others like him.  They would spend some time on a ranch with horses, which would keep them outdoors expending some energy so that they could concentrate better when in the classroom.  The problem is the cost of such a school.  Eliana and some friends have some plans, but money and a place to use are just two of the obstacles.

Josh finds Eliana one day when she is vulnerable and crying over the stress.  He offers to help, giving them use of some old buildings and a corral on the ranch.   He works to get it ready and even volunteers to be one of the riding instructors when he can.   He and Eliana start spending time together and realize they share an attraction they never knew they had.  When they start actually spending time together and decide to pursue the attraction, they realize how many obstacles stand in their way.  One obstacle is Josh’s mother, who disapproves.  The other is Josh’s dream of being that rodeo champion.

This is an enjoyable story and an easy reading experience.  The flow is good and it is easy to become engrossed in the story.  This is part of a series and there was enough background given to make the tale stand alone, but knowledge of the past tales would enhance the enjoyment.  The biggest piece of back story needed is the relationship between Josh, his brothers and his father.  This tale sets up the next story, which introduces a new brother that they have been searching for throughout the series.

The Cowboy’s Lady is a good tale, but one that didn’t stay with me for more than a day or two.  If you have been reading the series about the brothers of Rancho Pintado, this will probably appeal to you more.  Otherwise, it is just a typical category romance. 

--Shirley Lyons

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