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Swept Away by Gwynne Forster
(Arabesque/BET, $5.99, PG-13) ISBN 1-58314-098-0
Schyler Henderson was languishing in the foster care system until a divorced man who had lost his only child adopted him. Veronica Overton was raised by her mother and stepfather in a poor, but loving household. As adults, both devoted their lives to improving the lives of children. Veronica, as head of a child welfare agency, and Schyler, as a part of a children's advocacy group.

While it was inevitable that they would meet, no one would have imagined it would be on opposite sides of a lawsuit. When a child placed in a home by Veronica's agency is missing, Schyler's organization files a highly publicized lawsuit. The agency is eventually exonerated, but both Veronica's and the agency's reputations are tarnished. She takes a leave of absence from the agency to lick her wounds and reassess her priorities.

Veronica heads to Switzerland. Just as she settles in, Veronica receives an urgent message to return to her ailing mother's bedside. Just before she dies, Veronica's mother implores her to find her father. She sets off to fulfill her mother's last wish.

Meanwhile, Schyler canít forget about Veronica or the pain heís caused her. He is dismayed to learn she has taken a leave of absence from the agency. Despite their disastrous meeting, he is drawn to her and feels she might have been attracted to him. However, they have a major obstacle to overcome before they can begin a relationship.

Swept Away is a story of love, loyalty and perseverance. Gwynne Forster has created a very powerful story with raw human emotions. The sexual tension between the main characters is strong. The author has done an excellent job of drawing out the parallels and contradictions between the hero and heroine.

The secondary characters are all very well drawn. They provide support for the main characters. There is a satisfying secondary romance that reaches its conclusion without taking attention away from the developing relationship between Schyler and Veronica.

However, this is a very, very busy book with several mini-dramas and conflicts along the way to the happily-ever-after. Many of the subplots distracted from the powerful main conflict between the two main characters. That conflict, in and of itself, is overwhelming. The authorís resolution of it is satisfying and credible.

Swept Away represents a somewhat different plot approach for Gwynne Forster. Itís worth a look.

--Gwendolyn Osborne

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