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My Dangerous Duke
by Gaelen Foley
(Avon, $7.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-006-173397-0
This is the second entry in the series about the men of the Inferno club, a non-existent front for men who are sworn to find the evils of the Prometheans, men who over the centuries have tried to infiltrate the world powers and take over. Now the premise is a bit like the National Treasure movies and much of the action reminds the reader of that type of tale. While it is at times exciting, it is a bit overpowering.

Kate Madsen is kidnapped from her home in a remote part of England and brought to a castle, where she is drugged and brought before a Duke they call "the Beast." The men who took her have devised a plot to sell women and hope to snare the Duke into their plan. In actuality, Kate is not who she had always believed she was.

She is actually Kate Fox, and Gerald Fox, her father, was a sea captain who assisted the Order of St. Michael the Archangel years ago. Her mother was the daughter of a man who decided he could not abide by the Promethean decrees and turned traitor. Captain Fox and the woman fell in love and Kate was a result of their marriage. But her mother died in an attempt to find a secret treasure and Gerald decided he needed to hide Kate from the wrath of the Prometheans. He faked his death and sent her off with a new name and no real memory of the whole mess.

But one of his sailors put two and two together and decided to cash in. His plan was to get Kate to seduce the Duke of Warrington, getting him mixed up in the mess and then sell them both to the Prometheans, who think Kate has the secret to finding the treasure. Rohan Kilburn, the Duke of Warrington, is a member of the Order and was raised as an assassin. He never saw himself as anything else, having been trained from his teenage years for this duty.

Rohan is in a partnership with Max Rotherstone (who was featured in My Wicked Marquess) and Jordan Lennox, the Earl of Falconbridge (who is to be featured in the next book, My Irresistible Earl). These three men make up a team, and yet Rohan is reluctant to share his knowledge about Kate and her family. Instead he goes off with her and searches for the treasure with her and her suddenly-discovered father, with Prometheans in hot pursuit.

It is a bit of a convoluted story and took a long time to set up. This caused the story to drag quite a bit and for this it has only earned three hearts. Luckily the romance between Kate and Rohan saved the story. Kate is a feisty woman and ready for a fight. She is a delightful combination of innocence and risk-taking. She is well-matched for Rohan because she had grown up and had to be independent after her father left her with just a family friend. And she had experienced the love of a parent, leaving her open to love as an adult. Rohan is a trained assassin and a man who had used indifference to keep himself from feeling too deeply. He had decided long ago no one could love him because of his actions. He is intrigued by Kate and drawn into her warmth and caring attitude. She helps him see that doing his duty is only one part of his persona and not even the most important part.

It was their interactions and the building of their relationship that kept me reading and kept me engaged in the tale. Kate and Rohan made up the best of My Dangerous Duke and the story did set up the third book. Despite the rather farfetched nature of the storyline, I will pick up that book and see where Jordan's adventures take him.

--Shirley Lyons

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