The Chocolate Thief
by Laura Florand
(Kensington, $14.00, PG-13) ISBN 978-0-7582-6940-9
Cade Corey has come to Paris to strike a deal with French chocolatier Sylvain Marquis to start a line of his world famous chocolate at Corey Chocolate in the United States.  The temperamental chef is outraged at the suggestion, but the handsome man is intrigued by the beautiful and bold American woman. 

As the two begin a cat and mouse game running into each other throughout Paris, drawn together each time by a very strong chemistry, Cade becomes more determined to either land Sylvain for her company or at least to learn his secrets; Cade begins stalking Sylvain, finally breaking into his chocolate kitchen.  When Sylvain catches her, the tension is so palpable that the two must finally give in to their attraction. 

What starts out as a pure physical attraction quickly deepens into something much more for both of them and Cade has to decide whether she wants to give up her place in the family business and stay and make chocolate with Sylvain in Paris or leave her new lover and return to what she has known her entire life? 

Light-hearted and funny, The Chocolate Thief is a delicious portrait of Paris.  Cade is a stop-at-nothing to get what she wants girl and often gets away with things in doing so.  Sylvain is as sexy and temperamental as melted chocolate and the passion the two ignite is like molten chocolate.

  As Cade is drawn into the seductive, romantic world of Parisian chocolate making and Sylvain, she finds herself forgetting about Cade Chocolate’s thirty-three cent at Wal-Mart chocolate bars and the reason she came to Paris in the first place.  Is Sylvain enough of a reason for Cade to give up the life she grew up to lead and what will happen when her father and grandfather show up with every intention of bringing her home where they feel belongs?

--Jennifer Monahan Winberry

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