Whispers on the Wind

Magical Moments by Donna Fletcher
(Jove, $5.99, R) ISBN 0-515-12681-0
Dagon Rasmus is a 300-year-old, powerful witch who returns to Scotland from a business trip to find his home is total chaos. Sarina is a new servant at Rasmus Castle who is driving the rest of the staff insane. Not only does she appear to possess no powers, but when she breaks something, no other witch can seem to right her wrongs. To appease his loyal help, Dagon agrees to look into the Sarina situation and possibly dismiss the bumbling witch.

That is until he actually meets Sarina, swinging from a chandelier in one of the ornate rooms in his castle. From the moment he sees her, he is drawn to her, losing himself in her beauty and wisdom. But Dagon has made up his mind on marrying a witch of extraordinary abilities and powers beyond compare. So why canít he seem to get Sarina out of his thoughts?

Sarina is an enigma that soon has Dagon trying to solve her mystery. Why does she possess no powers? How did she find her way to Rasmus castle? Who is she really? And why is he so drawn to her?

There are several elements that make Magical Moments shine, but the most important is the originality of the story. Sarina is your classic damsel in distress. She canít seem to do anything right, and is in constant need of rescuing. In a traditional romance this type of heroine really gets on my nerves in short order. But Sarina has a reason for being so helpless; she is stripped of powers she has come to rely on for years. Therefore, I was never annoyed by her ineptitude, and even felt sorry for her.

And who would not want to be rescued by Dagon? The author does a marvelous job describing all of her characters, but her particular care with Dagon had me drooling. Not only is he incredibly handsome, but his feelings for Sarina are instantaneous. He doesnít immediately confess his love, but rather is confused by his feelings and struggles with them. He even faces a common mortal dilemma: he searches for love, when in fact itís right in front of him the whole time.

Magical Moments is actually a sequel to an earlier Jove publication Wedding Spell. The author does a fine job filling in details and even includes the main characters from the earlier book. There are also a colorful array of secondary characters, all witches and all trying to help Sarina and Dagon.

This is the second book Iíve read from Joveís Magical Love series, and the second that I have truly enjoyed. Magical Moments is a refreshing romance with classic elements, sure to cast a spell on a wide and appreciative audience.

--Wendy Crutcher

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