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Perfect Weapon by Amy J. Fetzer
(Brava, $14.00, NC-17) ISBN 0-7582-1105-8
Perfect Weapon is Amy J. Fetzerís third book for Brava, and itís a gripping combination of suspense and romance. The story kept my interest from beginning to end ó so much so that Iím adding Fetzer to my list of auto-buy authors.

Dr. Sydney Hale is entering the underground bunker where she works when a group of armed men enters and kills everyone they find. Sydney is the only one who escapes, and she takes the only copy of a priceless formula with her.

Outside the bunker, U.S. Marine Jack Wilson, along with three of his men, surveys the area. They are unaware of the bunker and of the danger threatening them. When Jack discovers his men have been killed with high-powered rifles, he vows to find out what happened and why ó and Sydney Hale is his best resource. They team up to get answers and find out that they make good partners in every way.

To offer more of a summary would require more space than a normal review allows. In this case, it would also rob readers of the pleasure of following Jack and Syndeyís dynamic, fast-paced story. Their situation doesnít foster trust, but Sydney and Jackís progression from wary allies to devoted lovers is touching (pun intended). Would two people really fall in love under such circumstances? Maybe, maybe not, but Perfect Weapon takes the scenario and makes it work.

I mentioned the fast pace of the story. This description fits not only because of the action and suspense, which is nicely incorporated by Fetzer, but also because the point of view changes from Jack to Sydney, to another investigator, and a villain. These changes donít qualify as head-hopping, because the transitions are smooth. For the most part, the disparate points of view are blended seamlessly. There are some moments, however, when the scene shifts to another point of view before I was ready to leave it.

Guy-speak is one of Fetzerís strengths. The thoughts and words of her male characters are realistic and help readers lose themselves in the world she creates. Although Iím no expert on military matters, her knowledge of the military seems solid and convincing.

Though not a light-hearted comedy, Perfect Weapon is a treat to read. It also solidly establishes Fetzer as a leading voice in romantic suspense. Luckily, I donít have long to wait for her next book.

--Alyssa Hurzeler

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