Cavanaugh’s Surrender
by Marie Ferrarella
(HRS #1725, $5.25, PG,) ISBN 978- 0-373-27795-7
Destiny Richardson is the chief assistant to Sean Cavanaugh, head of the CSI division of a police department riddled with the overachieving Cavanaugh family. This novel is part of the Cavanaugh Justice series. Sean Cavanaugh was switched at birth and, upon discovery of this much later in life, he and his family became Cavanaughs. His son Logan is a detective in the Homicide Division.

Destiny had not heard from her sister recently and, getting nervous, sought to check on her by letting herself into her apartment. She discovered her sister Paula dead in the bathtub with both wrists slashed. Destiny calls in and her boss Sean and his son Logan are first responders. Logan is convinced that it is a suicide; Destiny is more convinced that it is murder and she finally persuades Sean.

The pattern of the wrist slashing and the discovery of an empty bottle of recently filled prescription sleeping pills are the persuasive factors to support Destiny’s assumption of murder since the prescription was a fraudulent one. Spending that night at work, Destiny is able to locate a number of like incidences…attractive females, and suicides with a prescription of sleeping pills.

Convincing Logan of this, Logan goes to his boss to suggest serial killings; his boss is most reluctant to accept this theory, especially when facing the current manpower shortage in his division. Destiny is pushing to work on it and, without realizing she is the sister of the victim, Logan’s boss consents to their temporary partnership.

Logan has a reputation as a womanizer with no lasting allegiances, and Destiny aware of this is very circumspect in her dealings with him. Logan gradually begins to fall for her, realizing there is something different going on this time. Destiny is totally focused on finding her sister’s killer.

Putting in long hours of digging and interviewing gives them time enough to get to know each other. The case and the budding romance proceed as one would expect. It is made enjoyable by Marie Ferrarella’s talent of creating very likeable characters, injected into credible situations with dialog that is always in voice.

The Cavanaugh series is constructed with the theme of family first and Destiny, who had been without that experience over a lifetime, succumbs to the charm and closeness.

--Thea Davis

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