Anything He Wants
by Sara Fawkes
(St. Martin's Griffin, $14.99, R) ISBN 978-1250-03533-2
Originally self published as an ebook, this story is now out in a trade paperback. Sara Fawkes has written an titillating story that was enjoyable and very hot at times, suspenseful and full of intrigue at times and yet, one that with a lot of scrutiny, just doesn't add up.

Lucy Delacourt is your average temp worker in a large corporation. She is attractive but nothing to write home about. She is basically alone in the world, with her loving parents deceased and she is living in New York trying to make a living. Each day she rides the elevator and sees this handsome charming man, whom she fantasizes about at night. One day, she finds herself alone with him and he stops the elevator, and basically brings her to orgasm just by touching her. She is both horrified that she let him get away with it and hooked at the sensuality of it. As she is leaving work, she is again confronted by the man and lets him have his way with her, this time in a parking garage which she tried to use as a shortcut to avoid running into him.

The next day, she discovers he is the CEO of Hamilton Industries, the company she works for. He offers her a position as his personal assistant and gives her a contract promising she will do "anything he wants." If she refuses the contract, she will be laid off like the rest of the temps. He informs her that the decision to lay off the temps was made prior to his knowing her. She ultimately agrees due to her need for money and her lust. Their adventure begins.

Jeremiah Hamilton, we soon learn, is the CEO by default. He was an Army Ranger and very happy, but his father blackmailed him in his will. He either takes over the company, or all of the employees will lose their jobs. Jeremiah, being a basically good guy, leaves the service and takes over the company. His brother Lucas, who was working in the company, apparently feeling slighted by being overlooked in the will, embezzles 30 million dollars, leaves the country and eventually starts selling guns, illegally. Jeremiah's mother is a witch, she wants whatever she can get for herself, showing love only for her own happiness. With a background like this, it is clear why Jeremiah is a dominant in his sexual life and wants complete control over everything.

The story develops around a threat that almost kills Lucy. The suspense is real and while a bit convoluted, was intense at times. The sex is hot. Neither Jeremiah nor his brother Lucas are well developed characters, with lots of secrets and erratic behaviors that ranged from closed minded to hot to vulnerable to inexplicable. It was hard not to like Jeremiah, yet because the author gave us Lucy's version of the tale, we never got to really understand what made him tick. And even Lucy's behavior at times was not completely understandable, unless one is totally ruled by passion.

Written in the same line as the Shades of Gray series, this story ends in a cliffhanger. Anything He Wants is a great way to spend time on an airplane for four hours. But for me, the emotional involvement in the characters was not as intense and I find myself not being real interested in pursuing the next segment of the tale.

--Shirley Lyons

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