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Mission Statement

All staff members of The Romance Reader love the genre of romance fiction. We believe that romance readers appreciate honest reactions to books and we pledge to provide candid reviews of the books we read. It is not our intent to attack an author on a personal level; however, we believe that any commentary about a book itself is fair. We also believe that discussion of books is healthy, andThe Romance Reader will post as many readers’ comments as space allows.

How do you select your reviewers?

Anyone interested in reviewing for TRR is asked to submit trial reviews. Reviewers are selected on the basis of their writing skills and knowledge of the genre. Our reviewers come from a variety of backgrounds and professions, but all have a love of romance novels. If you are interested in joining the staff of TRR, email us.

Are TRR reviewers paid?

TRR reviewers are unpaid, although they do receive free galleys and books for review.

Where do your books come from?

We receive ARCs, galleys and review copies from authors and every major romance publisher. The opinions we express are our own. We disclose this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

In addition, a contributor may sometimes review a book that she has purchased.

Other sites post reviews months before the book is released. Why doesn’t TRR?

Our goal is to post our reviews in a timely manner — close to the book’s publication date, when our readers have a reasonable chance of obtaining the book.

Why isn’t every new romance novel reviewed?

TRR now reviews nearly 100 new releases every month. It is a labor of love by all involved, but our contributors have jobs and families, so the work is done in our free time.

PLEASE NOTE: We do the best we can to review as many books as possible every month, but we cannot promise that every book sent to us will be reviewed.

Please remember that the thousands of hours of work put into this site is done by unpaid volunteers in our sparetime. With families, jobs and other commitments, we may have unexpected responsibilities that restrict our TRRtime. Also, at our discretion, we may choose not to review a book.

How do you decide how much plot to detail in a review?

We have a general rule not to reveal any details after the first third of a novel, unless the information is absolutely essential to evaluating the book. We do believe that we should describe the basic premise of the plot. Readers want to know what the story is about so that they can decide whether or not this is a book they want to read.

We try to do critical/analytic reviews which are much longer than those available at most other review sites. This requires considerable description of plot and characters. We want to tell our readers why we think a book is good or bad, and the reasons are usually rooted in the ability of the author to tell her story effectively.

Our readers depend on us to be honest and complete in our reviews. The ending of a romance novel is a given; there will be a happily ever after. What sets one book apart from another and makes it special is the way the author gets the hero and heroine to this absolutely essential ending. The plot and characters are the key to a good romance and in our reviews, we try to give our readers a good understanding of both.

Why don’t you allow authors or publishers to advertise their specific romance titles on The Romance Reader?

Since coming online nearly 10 years ago as a candid and unbiased source of romance reviews, TRR has established this policy so there is no appearance of impropriety or conflict of interest.

Why don’t you review e-books?

Our staff is not large enough to review all the print books we receive, so at this time we are unable to review electronic books or self-published books.

If I send a letter to the Mailbag, will you edit it or post it as is?

Although we cannot post every letter we receive in the Mailbag, the letters we post are edited only for space constraints or for profanity.

You don’t seem to update very often. Why is this?

TRR is updated often — usually daily! If a long stretch with no update goes by, check your browser’s cache. It may need to be emptied or your preferences changed.

I’m an author. How can I participate on your site?

If you’d like us to review your current or upcoming book, please email us for more information. TRR also welcomes author participation in the following features:

Author Address Book (We’ll post your contact information and link to your web site.)

Author Potpourri (Share your recent news with your romance fans.)

Author Freebies (We’ll post your reader giveaways here.)

Road Stories (Have an interesting story of a recent booksigning?)

Author Mailbag (We’ll post your comments.)