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The Devil Wears Kilts
by Suzanne Enoch
(St. Martins, $7.99, PG) ISBN 978-1250-04160-9
The Devil Wears Kilts is a rather slow and plodding story of a Highlander laird who is holding on to traditions and who resents the English. Ranulf MacLawry, Marquis of Glengask has only come to London to chase after his sister, who is determined to have a season, like her English mother would have wanted. She flees to the home of Charlotte Hanover. Lady Charlotte is a spinster, having been engaged when her fiancé died in a duel. She has never forgiven him and she has never married. Her younger sister is debuting this year along with Rowena MacLawry and Charlotte is the designated chaperone.

This story follows a predictable pattern, including Ranulf showing up at his first English ball wearing his kilt. He does this in defiance and arrogance. I found him dislikable throughout the story and thus could never get in his corner to root for his romance. The story’s premise is Ranulf ensuring his sister’s safety during her season…he goes from allowing a fortnight to a full season.

Charlotte was also a bit of a hellion, being outspoken at times and stubborn at others. She did not seem to fit well in the era and I found her often rude diatribe to be unsettling. I struggled with their romance just as they did. They are attracted but at first detest everything there is about the other. This unwarranted hatred of the unknown is one of the things they must overcome. Even into the ending, there were the English – Scottish underlying issues that seemed to complicate matters when none need be complicated. The tale dragged at times and I struggled picking it up to finish it.

Suzanne Enoch is a well known author whose books on TRR have had mixed reviews. This is one that falls into the lower category. The Devil Wears Kilts is not one of the better Suzanne Enoch stories that I have read.

--Shirley Lyons

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