Eagerly Awaited

Ashworth, Adele, Duke of Sin, Avon, H

Barton, Beverly, Worth Dying For, Harlequin, C
Brockmann, Suzanne, Flashpoint, Ballantine, C
Bowers, Celia, Campaign For Love, BET/Arabeque, C
Burke, Betsy, Performance Anxiety< RDI, C
Butler, Nancy, Kindness of a Rogue, Signet, R

Carlton, Susannah, A Rake’s Redemption, Signet, R
Carmichael, Emily, The Cat’s Meow, Bantam, C
Cherry, Rowena, Forced Mate, Lovespell, Fu
Coffman, Elaine, Let Me Be Your Hero, Mira, H
Cook, Kristina, Unlaced, Zebra, H
Corgiat, Jerri, Follow Me Home, Onyx, C
Creswell, Jasmine, Full Pursuit, Mira, C
Criswell, Millie, Body Language, Harlequin, C

Darlf, Andrea, Kiss of Spice, Pocket, H
Dellin, Genell, The Captive, Avon, H
Deveraux, Jude, Always, Pocket, Fa

Eagle, Kathleen, A View of the River, Mira, C
Edwards, Susan, White Deception, Leisure, H

Feehan, Christine, The Wicked & the Wondrous
Feehan, Christine & Sizemore, Susan, The Shadows of Christmas Past, Pocket, Fa
Fletcher, Donna, Dark Warrior, Avon, H
Foster, Lori, Unexpected, Brava, C

Goodman, Jo, Always In My Dreams, Zebra, H
Grant, Laurie, Midnight Satin, Leisure, H
Grasso, Patricia, To Love a Princess, Zebra, H
Graves, Jane, Light My Fire, Ivy, C
Green, Carmen, Kissed, Kensington, C

Harchar, Gloria, Enchanted by Magic, Lovespell, Fa
Harrison, Shirley, Sweet Justice, BET/Arabesque, C
Henley, Virginia, Insatiable, Signet, H
Hingle, Metsy, Deadline, Mira, C
Hinshaw, Victoria, An Ideal Match, Zebra, R
Holly, Emma, The Demon’s Daughter, Berkley Sensation, Fa
Hunter, Madeline, The Romantic, Bantam, H
Huntington, Kate, A Hero’s Homecoming, Zebra, R

Jenkins, Beverly, The Edge of Dawn, Harlequin, C

Kenyon, Sherrilyn, et. al., Stroke of Midnight, St. Martin’s, FA
Kerstan, Lynn, Dangerous Deceptions, Signet, H
King, Valerie, An Adventurous Lady, Zebra, R
Kleypas, Lisa, Secrets of a Summer Knight, Avon, H

Lee, Linda Francis, Simply Sexy, Ivy, C
London, Julia, Miss Fortune, Berkley Sensation, C
Love, Kathy, Wanting What You Get, Zebra

MacKeever, Maggie, An Extraordinary Flirtation, Zebra, R
Macomber, Debbie, On a Snowy Night, Mira, C
Markham, Wendy, Slightly Single, RDI, C
Mason, Connie, The Pirate Prince, Leisure, H
McKenzie, Myrna, Morning Beauty, Midnight Beast, Harlequin, C
McKade, Maureen, Arouse Suspicion, Berkley Sensation, C
Mello, Deborah Fletcher, The Right Side of Love, BET/Arabesque, C
Minogue, Elizabeth, The Prince, Berkley Sensation, H

O’Day-Flannery, Constance, Shifting Love, Tor, Fa
O’Shea, Patti, 2175: The Power of Two, Lovespell, Fu

Perkins, Diane, The Improper Wife, Warner, H
Pierce, Barbara, Courting the Countess , St. Martin’s, H

Ridgeway, Christie, The Thrill of It All, Avon, C
Riley, Eugenia, Bushwhacked Groom, Lovespell, H
Robbins, Anne, A Perfect Romance, Zebra, H
Roberts, Nora, The Blue Dahlia, Jove, C
Ross, JoAnn, Out of the Storm, Pocket, C
Rothwell, Kate, Somebody to Love, Zebra, H

Sala, Sharon, Missing, Mira, C
Scott, Amanda, Highland Princess, Warner, H
Shayne, Maggie, Colder Than Ice, Mira, C
Smith, Maureen, With Every Breath, BET/Arabesque, C

Taylor, Janelle, Dying to Marry, Zebra, C
Templeton, Karen, Hanging By a Thread, RDI, C
Thomas, Jodi, A Texan’s Luck, Jove, H
Thompson, Colleen, Fatal Error, Leisure, C

November Category Releases

Harlequin American
#1041 Burning Bright Anne Stuart, et. al.
#1042 The Christmas Cradle Linda Warren
#1043 Baby to Be: Santa Baby Laurie Marie Altom
#1044 Time Two: Unwrapping Mr. Wright Michele Dunaway

Harlequin Blaze
#157 Falling Inn Bed: Run For Covers Jeanie London
#158 1-900-Lover Rhonda Nelson
#159 Good to Be Bad Debbi Rawlins
#160 9 ½ Days Mia Zachary

Harlequin Flipside
#27 In Like Flynn Dorien Kelly
#28 Not Quite As Advertised Tanya Michaels

Harlequin Historical
#727 The Christmas Visit Margaret Moore, et. al.
#728 Wyoming Woman Elizabeth Lane
#729 The Unexpected Bride Elizabeth Rolls
#730 The Wedding Cake War Lynna Banning

Harlequin Intrigue
#807 Colby Agency: Priority: Full Exposure Debra Webb
#808 Heroes Inc: Hijacked Honeymoon Susan Kearney
#809 Ultimate Agents: A Protected Witness Mallory Kane
#810 Eclipse: The Man From Falcon Ridge Rita Herron
#811 Christmas Stalking Jo Leigh
#812 Santa Assignment Delores Fossen

Harlequin Presents
#2427 Outback Knights: The Outback Bridal Rescue Emma Darcy
#2428 The Mistress Wife Lynne Graham
#2429 The Brazilian Tycoon’s Mistress Fiona Hood-Stewart
#2430 The Italian’s Virgin Princess Jane Porter
#2431 His Convenient Wife Diana Hamilton
#2432 Their Secret Baby Kate Walker

Harlequin Romance
#3819 To Catch a Groom Rebecca Winters
#3820 Christmas Eve Marriage Jessica Hart
#3821 A Surprise Christmas Proposal Liz Fielding
#3822 His Convenient Fiancee Barbara McMahon

Harlequin Superromance
#1236 A Mom For Christmas Joan Kilby
#1237 The Children’s Cop Sherry Lewis
#1238 Caleb’s Christmas Wish Debra Salonen
#1239 A Family Christmas Carrie Alexander
#1240 Seattle After Midnight C. J. Carmichael
#1241 The Family Man Melinda Curtis

Harlequin Temptation
#997 Too Wild Jamie Sobrato
#998 Sparking His Interest Wendy Etherington
#999 We’ve Got Tonight Jacquie D’Alessandro
#1000 Killer Cowboy Charm Vicki Lewis Thompson

Silhouette Desire
#1615 Terms of Surrender Shirley Rogers
#1616 Sins of a Tanner Peggy Moreland
#1617 For Services Rendered Anne Marie Winston
#1618 Sheikh’s Castaway Alexandra Sellars
#1619 Between Strangers Linda Conrad
#1620 Principles and Pleasures Margaret Allison

Silhouette Intimate Moments
#1327 Alone In the Dark Marie Ferrarella
#1328 Everybody’s Hero Karen Templeton
#1329 In Destiny’s Shadow Ingrid Weaver
#1330 Under the Gun Lyn Stone
#1331 Not a Moment Too Soon Linda O. Johnson
#1332 Virgin In Disguise Rosemary Heim

Silhouette Romance
#1742 Rich Man, Poor Bride Linda Goodnight
#1743 Daddy In the Making Sharon Vita
#1744 The Bowen Bride Nicole Burnham
#1745 A Whirlwind....MakeoverNancy Lavo

Silhouette Special Edition
#1645 Carrera’s Bride Diana Palmer
#1646 The Marriage Act Elissa Ambrose
#1647 The Sheikh & the Princess Bride Susan Mallery
#1648 A Baby on the Ranch Stella Bagwell
#1649 Wanted One FatherPenny Richards
#1650 The Way to a Woman’s Heart Carol Voss


Adams, C. T. & Clamp, Cathy, Hunter’s Moon, tor, Fa
Aitken, Judie, Secret Shadows, Berkley, Fa
Alexander, Victoria, A visit From St. Nicholas, Avon, H

Blackwood, Jane, A Hard Man is Good to Find, Zebra, C
Blair, Sandy, A Rogue in a Kilt, Zebra, TT

Ciotta, Beth, Charmed, Medallion, C
Counts, Wilma, The Lady & the Footman, Zebra, R
Crane, Karen, I Remember You, Zebra, C

Edwards, Cassie, Proud Eagle, Signet, H
Erickson, Lynn, Husband & Lover, Berkley, C

Farrell, Shannon, Call Home the Heart, Leisure, H

Garland, Glenda, Her Other Thief, Zebra, R
George, Melanie, Naughty or Nice, Pocket, H
Goodman, Jo, Only In My Arms, Zebra, H
Grant, Susan, 2175: The Scarlet Empress, Lovespell, Fu
Grady, Erin, Echoes, Berkley, C
Gray, Susan, Wild For You , Zebra, D

Harchar, Gloria, Enchanted by Magic, Lovespell, Fa
Hern, Candice, Her Scandalous Affair, Avon H
Holby, Cindy, Windfall, Leisure, H

Ivie, Jackie, Lady of the Knight, Zebra, H

James, Samantha, A Perfect Groom, Avon, H
Jones, Linda Winstead, The Sun Witch, Berkley, Fa
Jordan, Nicole, Lord of Seduction, Fawcett, H

Leigh, Ana, The MacKenzies: Jake, Lovespell, H

MacLean, Julianne, My Own Private Hero, Avon, H
Matthews, Francine, As You Wish, BET/Arabesque, C
McBride, Mary, Say It Again, Sam, Warner, C
McCarthy, Erin, Smart Mouth, Kensington, C
McCarthy, Teresa, The Wagered Bride, Signet, R
McCoy, Judi, Wanted: One Special Kiss, Avon, C
Melton, Marliss, Forget Me Not, Warner, C
Miller, Linda Lael, Secondhand Bride, Pocket, H

Neggers, Carla, The Rapids, Mira, C

Osborne, Maggie, Foxfire Bride, Ivy, H

Palmer, Diana, True Colors, Harlequin, C (R)
Paquet, Laura, Incomparable Cassandra, Zebra, R
Poarch, Candice, Loving Delilah, BET/Arabesque, C

Quick, Amanda, Late For the Wedding, Bantam, H

Reeves, Adrienne Ellis, Cherished, BET/Arabesque, C
Robards, Karen, Dark Torment, Warner, C
Rogers, Rosemary, Jewels of My Heart, Mira, H

Sands, Lynsay, The Chase, Leisure, H
Savery, Jeanne, Last of the Winter Rose, Zebra, R
Shalvis, Jill, Blue Flame, Onyx, C
St. John, Yahrah, One Magic Moment, BET/Arabesque, C

Thomas, Melody, Must Have Been the Moonlight, Avon, H

Whiddon, Karen, Soul Magic, Lovespell, Fa
Woodward, Rhonda, Moonlight and Mischief, Signet, R

December Category Releases

Harlequin American
#1045 Catching Calhoun Tina Leonard
#1046 The Baby’s BodyguardJacqueline Diamond
#1047 A Cowboy & A Kiss Dianne Castell
#1048 The Cowboy & the Bride Mollie Molay

Harlequin Blaze
#161 Pillow Case Jeannie London
#162 Before I Melt Away Isabel Sharpe
#164 Unwrapped Carrie Alexander
#164 Nothing But the Best Kristin Hardy

Harlequin Flipside
#29 If the Stiletto Fits Wendy Etherington
#30 The Big Scoop Sandra Kelly

Harlequin Historical
#731 The Rake’s Revenge Gail Ranstrom
#732 The Last Honest Outlaw Carol Finch
#733 One Night in Paradise Juliet Landon
#734 Montana Wife Jillian Hart

Harlequin Intrigue
#813 Bedside Manner Kelsey Roberts
#814 Protector S.O.S. Susan Kearney
#815 Agent in Charge Leigh Riker
#816 Eden’s Shadow Jenna Ryan

#817 Body Search Jessica Andersen
#7818 Secret Defender Debbi Rawlins

Harlequin Presents
#2433 His Pregnancy Ultimatum Helen Bianchin
#2434 Bedded By the Boss Miranda Lee
#2435 The One-Night Wife Sandra Marton
#2436 The Christmas Marriage Mission Helen Brooks
#2437 The Italian’s Passionate Proposal Sarah Morgan
#2438 The Billionaire’s Pregnant Mistress Lucy Monroe

Harlequin Romance
#3823 The Australian Tycoon’s Proposal Margaret Way
#3824 A Pretend Engagement Jessica Steele
#3825 The Game Show Bride Jackie Braun
#3826 The Pregnancy Surprise Caroline Anderson

Harlequin Superromance
#1242A Home of Her Own Brenda Novak
#1243 The Witness Linda Style
#1244 Along Came Zoe Janice MacDonald
#1245 Abby’s Christmas Lynnette Kent
#1246 The Man Under the Mistletoe Muriel Jensen
#1247 Oh Baby!Pamela Ford

Harlequin Temptation
#1001 Winter Heat Darlene Gardner
#1002 When He Was Bad...l Jane Sullivan
#1003 Never Naughty Enough Jill Monroe
#1004 Make Me Over Leslie Kelly

Silhouette Desire
#1621 Shocking the Senator Leanne Banks
#1622 Wild in the Moment Jennifer Greene
#1623 The Ice Maiden’s Sheikh Alexandra Sellars
#1624 Forbidden Passion Emilie Rose
#1625 Riding the Storm Brenda Jackson
#1626 The Seduction Request Michelle Celmer

Silhouette Intimate Moments
#1333 Beneath the Surface Linda Turner
#1334 Running Scared Linda Winstead Jones
#1335 Shattered Vows Maggie Price
#1336 Deadly Intent Valerie Parv
#1337 Whispers in the Night Diane Pershing
#1338 Dangerous Memories Barbara Colley

Silhouette Romance
#1746 Her Frog Prince Shirley Jump
#1747 The Least Likely Groom Linda Goodnight
#1748 The Truth About Plain Jane Roxann Delancy
#1748 Love Chronicles Lissa Manley

Silhouette Special Edition
#1651 The Truth About the Tycoon Allison Leigh
#1652 The Homecoming Gina Wilkins
#1653 The M.D.’s Surprise Family Marie Ferrarella
#1654 A Kiss in the Moonlight Laurie Paige
#1655 Which Child is Mine? Karen Rose Smith
#1656 Rightfully HisSharon De Vita

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