One Amazing Thing
by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
†(Voice, $23.99) ISBN 978-1401340995
One Amazing Thing is a slim novel that packs an emotional punch in an engrossing and easy-to-read style.† The main action takes place within the basement walls of a visa office in an unnamed city as the various characters plan trips to India.† When an earthquake strikes they are literally thrown together and must pool their resources, both physical and emotional, in order to increase their chances of survival. †

At first they are all thankful for surviving the initial jolt, but as they remain stranded while the ceiling sags, water begins to flood the floor, and an aftershock brings more devastation, they decide to distract themselves by each sharing a memory from their diverse lives.†

These moments are really life stories that prove that we are not so very different from each other as first impressions may indicate.† Some stories stand out as more poignant and compelling than others, but overall itís fun to think that book groups might be inspired to share their own amazing moments after reading One Amazing Thing.

--Laura Johnson

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