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Too Wilde to Tame
by Janelle Denison
(Berkley, $6.99, R) ISBN 0-425-20528-2
Janelle Denison’s latest book is part of her Wilde series. It stands alone pretty well, thankfully. I’ve read only one or two stories in the series, but I didn’t feel left behind. Too Wilde to Tame tells the story of Mia Wilde and Cameron Sinclair.

Cam and Mia have been sniping at each other for ages. Theirs is a classic opposites-attract story — Mia lives up to her last name by being flirtatious, abrasive, and spontaneous. Cam is understated, cautious, and deliberate. Of course, that doesn't stop them from being attracted to each other. One night, they run into each other at a dance club, and they finally act on the long-simmering attraction.

When Mia starts getting threatening letters, she decides to talk to Cam about them. Cam is a private investigator, and he agrees to look into the letters and not to tell Mia’s overprotective brothers and cousins.

Cameron and Mia are interesting characters. Behind Mia’s tendency to flirt and act outrageously is a desire for acceptance. While Cam has overbearing moments, he is also sensitive enough to see past Mia’s defenses. There is one moment in the book when Mia thinks that while her family loves her, Cam loves and knows her:

She knew in her heart that her family loved her despite their overprotective ways, but it was Cameron who knew her better than any of them.
Too Wilde to Tame has many compelling moments like this. I loved seeing Cam get to know the many sides of Mia. The love scenes are well written and steamy; they also show the progression of Cam and Mia’s relationship.

The story does have some stereotypical moments. Cam initially wants to find a “manageable” woman. Mia is anything but manageable, though, and he gets past this quickly. More unsettling are some of the changes Mia makes to her life and wardrobe after she begins dating Cam. Denison ultimately indicates that these changes are the result of Mia’s self analysis instead of a desire to conform to what others want, but some changes seemed pretty extreme. It would have helped to see more of Mia’s thought process to make this reason more convincing.

Ultimately, I enjoyed Too Wilde to Tame. It may not be a wild read, but it’s a very satisfying one.

--Alyssa Hurzeler

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