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Into the Night
by Janelle Denison
(St. Martin $7.99, R) ISBN 978-0-312-37227
Janelle Denison is an experienced author who has found her niche with the hot and sexy stories she writes so well. Into the Night is no exception. The story has plenty of romance and adventure, but itís the sexiness that sets it apart from other romance novels.

Nathan Fox has just been given a new case that strikes near and dear to his heart and will take a lot of will to prevent getting emotionally involved. Nathan heads up security at The Onyx casino in Las Vegas, but on the side he works with an elite group called The Reliance Group (TRG) where he takes assignments that use his skills from his previous job as a vice cop.

Nathanís last job as a vice cop was an undercover case that ended tragically when the person he was assigned to protect was killed when they tried to take down Preston Sloan. Preston Sloan is a local businessman who is very prominent in the community, but behind the scenes he kidnaps young girls and uses them for prostitution. That case ended Nathanís career as a vice cop, but his new assignment with TRG is to go undercover and rescue a runaway girl, Angela, who has been kidnapped by Sloan.

Nathan is reluctantly roped into participating in a speed dated event. At this event he meets Nicole Hutton, who is also not there to find a real match. Nicole is a journalist and her current assignment is a series on the dating world. Nicole is tired of the fluff stuff and is looking for a real story that will skyrocket her career. But until she can figure out what to do with her life, she needs to complete her current assignment. Nathan and Nicole are instantly attracted to each other and their desire is palpable. At the end of the night they end up going back to his place where they share a night incredible passion.

Nicole has trust issues when it comes to men and relationships. She fell in love with a college professor when she was young and in school.. She was crushed when he dumped her for a new and younger student. Nicole leaves Nathanís place while he is sleeping writing the night off as a great one night stand. On her way out, she knocks over a file and discovers information about the Sloan case Nathan is working on. She instantly sees her big break story and goes home to devise a plan to infiltrate Sloanís world and get her expose.

Nathan is shocked when he sees Nicole a few weeks later looking like she is 16 years and flirting with Sloan. The night they spent together left Nathan feeling like there could be more between them. He instantly grabs Nicole to figure out what she is trying to do. He isnít happy when he learns of her plans, but her stubbornness isnít letting up. Nathan and Nicole decide the best plan is to work together to try to get Angela safely back to her parents.

Into the Night is an exciting story to read. It has all the elements to keep your attention throughout the whole book Ė thrilling adventure, a sweet love story, and incredible chemistry and intimacy between the main characters.

Nicole is a great character. She is an admirable and independent woman who is going after what she wants to further her career even if it means taking chances with her safety. That drive ends up bringing out a lot of feeling from her own experience as a young adult as she gets emotionally involved in the assignment and with Nathan.

A background theme of the book is bringing out the deceitfulness of the elite class in Las Vegas in taking advantage of young girls and their vulnerability. The reader is definitely pulled into that world and routing for Nicole and Nathan to be successful in tearing Sloanís world apart even though their mission is only to rescue Angela.

The secondary characters that are part of the TRG are not developed very well and are barely mentioned. They will likely get their own story later, which I will look forward to reading, but it would have been enjoyable to get a deeper introduction to them in this book.

Into the Night is a great book and definitely a worthwhile read.

--Nichole Howell

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