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The Dark Side of Night
by Cindy Dees
(SRS #1509, $4.99, PG-13)  ISBN 978-0-373-27579-3
If you’re interested in an exciting, amusing action romp with a typically dark and sexy spy and a surprisingly spunky heroine, then Cindy Dees’ The Dark Side of Night will fit the bill just right.

Mitch Perovski is a spy for the US Government’s Hunter Operation Team Watch.  He’s the dangerous, fearless type of man who dives into the scary missions assigned to him with determination.  He’s a focused, private Alpha male of few words.  Mitch has a rough, humble past and a definite chip on his shoulder for blonde women, especially pampered heiresses.

Enter Kinsey Hollingsworth, blonde socialite and heiress.  She is a modern, sensual woman and she speaks her mind with intelligence and humor.  Kinsey has slipped away to her family’s tropical vacation home to escape the tabloid coverage of her high profile break up with her cheating fiancé.  As she decides to take an afternoon boat ride on her pink cigarette boat, the Baby Doll, she is charged at by Mitch. He’s running full throttle down her dock towards the boat, being chased by two hit men.  Luckily, Kinsey is an accomplished sailor and captains the boat through an intense shoot-out.

Once the boat chase is over, Kinsey and Mitch are left alone to get to know one another.  Their opposite-sides-of-the-track clash seems plausible, considering their respective rich and poor upbringings.  Their growing physical desire clashes with the lack of understanding they possess for one another.

Mitch quickly realizes that Kinsey is now a part of his mission, as she’s been spotted by the bad guys and will face their retribution if she’s left unprotected.  Kinsey welcomes the chance to continue the adventures she’s been thrown into.  She also sees the mission as a chance to prove herself to her father and to herself.  She’s tired of being seen as a pampered princess whose life revolves around parties and spa sessions.

As Mitch and Kinsey travel to Cuba to catch the two assassins, their attraction to one another intensifies.  Kinsey lusts after Mitch openly, but he retains his reserve. The sexual tension in between action scenes, spiced up with witty dialogue and hot innuendos between the couple, keeps the story interesting and funny.

The “opposites attract” story has been done well in this case.  Kinsey is an old-money princess with something to prove.  Mitch is a hardened, untouchable Alpha male with a chip on his shoulder.  Their conversations are revealing, and sensual.  The tension between them crackles off the pages the whole way through the book.  I really felt like I understood the motivations of each character throughout the story, while wishing for them to resolve their conflicts and have their happy ending.

The Dark Side of Night is a sexy, action-packed read with just enough warmth and humor to make it endearing.  

--Amy Wroblewsky

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