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Redstone Ever After
by Justine Davis
(SRS #1619, $4.99, PG-13) ISBN# 978-0-373-27689-9
Redstone Forever After seems to be the concluding book in Justine Davis's series featuring the key figures in the corporate organization Redstone in their searches for redemption and love.  Each book has extolled the famous founder Josh Redstone, both personally as well as the charitable and loving corporation he founded and runs. Each book increases the verbiage of praise, but none exceeds this one.

The opening scene places Josh in the middle of a California wilderness with Brad Odell, owner of a company supplying parts to Redstone. Odell is nervously trying to sell this piece of wilderness to Josh to secure the cash to bail out his failing business.  Josh turns him down and makes his way back to his waiting plane, piloted by the familiar Tess Machado. Widowed early in her marriage, it had been Josh who had pulled her through by offering her a pilot's job with his fledgling aircraft company.

Tess had arrived early for the pickup and had been boarded by two armed strangers, and then she realized the day they had all feared had finally arrived. Their intent was to kidnap Josh and they all settled down to wait. Josh upon returning is greeted by Tess as “Michael,” his middle name ,which Draven of Redstone Security had initiated as the warning for a hostage situation.  Josh, thinking quickly, enters the cabin then pretending to be the repairman that had been requested.

Now follows the game of outwitting the kidnappers as Josh plays with the electrical system managing to send the code alerting Redstone Security that he and Tess are being held hostage on the ground by two men. This mobilizes the entire force of Redstone as they come from all over to the small airport to help.

Tess and Joss are inside the plane coping with the kidnappers, while the security personnel are unraveling who is behind the attempt. Apart from creating phony repairs, the author uses the time to explore the past life of Josh and the death of his beloved wife. Readers are introduced for the first time to the role of Tess as his wife's friend, and during these hours on the ground the sexual tension soars.

On the other side of the tarmac, Josh's employees come together for perhaps the last time in this finale which, more than anything, operates as a review of their relationships to Josh and Tess and their loyalty accrued through the tough spots Josh and Tess had been a part thereof.

Character development is meager as these individuals have been developed in other books in this series. Dialog is consistent with these characters as well as the consistent, lengthy and extensive praise of Josh as an individual.

The final take down of the kidnappers and the revelation of their employer is relatively easy, the true climax being the coming together of Tess and Josh, finally. Just Another Day in Paradise, #1141 of the Intimate Moments series is the first book in this series of ten books, and a new reader should definitely start there before reading the series' obvious conclusion.

--Thea Davis

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