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Enemy Waters by Justine Davis
(Silh. Rom Suspense #1659, $4.99, PG) ISBN 978-0373-27729-2
If you are looking for a suspense romance with a little twist, this is a good one. The storyline reminds me a bit of the movie Sleeping with the Enemy but the love story is much stronger. Davis has done a great job of blending romance with a story that is taut and makes one uneasy just thinking about it.

Nell Parker, aka Tanya Jones has built herself a nice safe little life in a little town on the Puget Sound. She is renting a cottage from a widower who treats her like a daughter. She works for a living as a waitress in the local diner and is starting to make some friends there. She loves her garden. And she is wary of strangers and her ex-husband. Jeremy Brown is a talent agent for the stars, and sadly, he believes all of his own hype. He was there for Tanya when she lost her parents and even her brother Tristan thought he was a good guy. But over a few years, Jeremy showed his true colors. He only loved himself. Tanya was a rich little girl and should only be seen not heard. He isolated from her friends, belittled her lovemaking and started taking lovers and convinced her she was nothing.

But something in Tanya rebelled and she told him she was leaving. The night she was packing and had divorce papers for him to sign, he confronted her and killed Tristan, who tried to protect her. Tanya got away and has been on the run for eight months. She took a new identity and has been nestled here ever since. She knows Jeremy won’t give up, but she has told her landlord Roger the whole story and her hope is to be safe here for at least a little while.

Cooper Grant is an ex-cop turned PI and is good at his job. A change of hair color, contact lens with color and glasses has not kept him from finding his man…er…woman. The waitress has a mole on her check just like Tanya and she is nervous. Yes, he is sure he has found the long lost sister he thinks he is seeking. A man named Tristan Jones contacted him with a story that is fantastic but just weird enough to be true. It appears that Tanya’s husband thought Tristan was a burglar and he shot him. Tanya thinks Tristan is dead, but the paramedics saved him. Now Tristan is trying to find his sister to ease her pain. Cooper is getting paid a lot of money to hunt her down. He just has to text the number he was given and soon Tanya’s pain of losing her brother will be over.

But when Cooper confronts Nell, that is not the story he gets. And by this time he has fallen for her. Nell is angry that she let Cooper get under her skin and she never suspected he was lying to her. Now Cooper has to first figure out the truth and second, decide how to save Nell when he realizes her truth seems to be the real story. Of course, having Jeremy show up to claim her and admitting he did lie about Tristan just cements his thinking.

This story is a bit convoluted but it is an engaging romance. Cooper is a good guy, who just got snookered by a big con man. He took the guy at his word and wants to kick himself when he realizes the danger both he and Nell are in. But he does the right thing. Nell is a woman who has had to rebuild her self-esteem and acts like it. At times she is strong and sensible and at others, she reverts to the scared rabbit that Jeremy had tried to turn her into. I liked her and her struggles felt real. In the end, she holds true to herself.

There is a lot packed into this category suspense tale and Davis has done an excellent job of setting the scene, giving the back story and letting the reader get to know all the characters, thus making their own decisions about the truth and the love story. Enemy Waters stayed with me for days, which is the sign of a good story for me. I highly recommend it.

--Shirley Lyons

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