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The Best Revenge
by Justine Davis
(SRS# 1597, $4.99, PG) ISBN 373-27667-7
Readers of Silhouette's Romantic Suspense series will have encountered Justine Davis and her longtime series featuring Redstone Incorporated. A mega conglomerate, Redstone is headed by Josh Redstone who, with his small cadre of friends that has grown through the years to embrace a large group of people who are always well taken care of, protected and supported by the company.

The Chief Operating Officer is Dameron St. John, well known through the series as able to fix anything and noted for his terse, single word sentences. Little is known about St. John, except Josh had prevented him from committing suicide when he was a teenager ready to jump from a bridge. And that is about all Josh had learned of him, even as he matured to become Josh's right hand man.

St. John, as the reader can surmise, was the victim of a physical and sexually abusive father. Known then as Adam Alden, he had run from his home in Cedar, Oregon as a very young teenager. The night he chose to run was a stormy one, and it appeared to everyone that he had been killed by falling into the river. His remains were never found, of course, and only one person seemed to have mourned him for long.

And that person was Jessa Hill, a girl younger than he, but the only person he had ever trusted in the small town. Jessa in still living in Cedar, Oregon, having now taken over the hardware and feed store that her father had always owned and run while serving as the town mayor. He had recently died and she is trying to keep it going when she is confronted by a life altering choice.

The new mayoral campaign has started and Albert Alden has declared his candidacy. Alden is St. John's father and Jess had always suspected that her childhood friend then known as Adam had been abused by this man she regards as evil. She succumbs to the pressures of others to enter the mayoral race herself as she cannot let him win at least without being challenged.

St. John learns of this through an alert from a news tracking service and takes his first ever vacation from Redstone to travel to Oregon. Injuries and a tough life on the run had caused enough damage to his face that he knows people will not recognize him. His goal is simply "to take his father down" and upon arrival he offers his services to Jessa to help in her campaign.

It becomes apparent that Alden plans to leave nothing to chance in his campaign. Starting a smear campaign of discrediting Jenna incites St. John to bring in the full weight of the Redstone Corporation.

During this time St. John is slowly realizing that the young girl he trusted is someone very special indeed. Jessa on the other hand recognizes him early on and the story unfolds on several fronts. The character St. John has been developed in other books and Davis does her usual fine job of developing Jessa's character. Dialog is crisp and credible and small town life is accurately portrayed. The Best Revenge plays out pretty much as a reader would expect but Justine Davisís characters add a special touch to the book.

--Thea Davis

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