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Bannon Brothers: Honor
by Janet Dailey
(Kensington, $25, PG) ISBN 978-07582-5577-8
I grew up reading Janet Dailey and she will always hold a special place in my heart…I still have several of her early Calder series on my shelves. I haven’t read many of her more recent stories and was sadly disappointed in this entry into the Bannon Brothers series.

We meet Linc Bannon at his brother RJ’s wedding lamenting with his younger brother Deke about a girl named Kenzie (a shortened form of her last name McKenzie). Later that evening he sees a news report that she has been in a terrible wreck and he watches the TV as a woman is taken out of her car on a stretcher. The woman turns out to be Kenzie’s best friend Christine, who works for a government contractor that supplies vests to the army.

Within a few days, Kenzie finds out a mutual friend who was in the Army got shot and killed when his vest failed. A young medic contacts her to say that this is not the only vest they have seen that has failed due to apparent poor workmanship or inferior materials. When the crash is found to be a hit and run and Kenzie gets a threatening message on a laptop, things get scary and scary fast for Kenzie.

Kenzie is a K-9 trainer for a private company and takes leave. Linc is a techno-spy, working for the Army but assigned often to the CIA. He too takes leave and the two are determined to find out who wants to kill Kenzie, Christine or both. There is a police lieutenant involved but he lets these two investigate too. Their romance is slow to develop as both are wildly attracted but neither can handle a romance on top of all the suspense and danger.

The suspense and danger was both over the top and tense. The bad guy was a bad guy but the reasons for targeting these two women were rather sketchy. Linc is a big macho guy but Kenzie keeps up with him. Of course, she breaks at times and needs him to feel safe. I did like them.

The biggest obstacle for me was the rather dramatic ways the killer threatened them and the fact that the pacing of the story was uneven. At times the story moved with action and at other times, Linc spent all day trying to find something by using his technology. Even the romance would heat up with some kisses and then they’d back off, apologizing and pulling back to unimpassioned topics. Neither of the scenarios worked for me over the long run.

Bannon Brothers: Honor may be a story that appeals to fans of the series. But at the cost of a hardcover and with my reservations, I will skip this series and settle for those old Janet Dailey tales and enjoy them.

--Shirley Lyons

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